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Herbert Roxburgh Mais

Contributed by: Brodnax Moore, on 2008-11-14

Herbert Roxburgh Mais
First Name Herbert Roxburgh
Surname Mais
Year of Birth 1890
Year of Death 1917
Regiment Royal Engineers
Place of Wartime Residence Jamaica, BWI, Other

Herbert Roxburgh's Story

Herbert enlisted with the Royal Engineers early in 1914. He corresponded with my great-aunt Maisie Moore (1888-1982) to the end. He wrote

"I am having rather a busy time just now - my dugout is finished and practically all my work is in the front line - keeping it propped up and floored in anticipation of the wet weather which is now overdue. September has been a glorious month out here and in the early mornings when the mist is over everything, even this forlorn country looks pretty."

"I had an awfully good view of a raid the other day from the top of one of my OPs - I saw the PBI going over the top under our barrage which was perfectly beastly for the Boche - a regular curtain of bursting shells. The old Boche has been shelling us a bit more and we shall soon have to go to ground and take up our abode in deep cellars, where we will breathe the same air over and over again and never see the sun. After the war I expect most people will have forgotten how to walk properly and will shuffle along in a sort of trench walk, lifting imaginary chunks of mud on each foot and with head bent forward and eyes on the ground."

Other memories

Anonymous 2008-11-23

Lieutenant Herbert Roxburgh Mais, 70th Field Company, Royal Engineers, died aged 27 on Friday 30 November 1917 in France. Memorial at Fins New British Cemetery, Sorel-le-Grand, France.
Son of Charles and Mary Ellen Mais of Jamaica, BWI.

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