1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Duncan McPhedran

Contributed by: Ian McPhedran, on 2008-11-13

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First Name Duncan
Surname McPhedran
Year of Birth 1893
Year of Death 1979
Regiment Scots Guards
Place of Wartime Residence Inveraray, Argyll and Bute

Duncan's Story

My father signed up for the RFC but after being issued with flying kit was taken to be trained to fly and then told they hadn't a plane big enough for him! He was transferred to the Scots Guards, and served for a time in the pipe band with two of his brothers, Jock and Allan. He was sent to France and took part in many well known battles, being promoted to the rank of sergeant and was wounded twice. The first time a sniper shot his upper lip which was hanging off until sewn back on. The second time during an 'over the top' advance a shell burst behind him and blew him onto his front with shrapnel in his right calf and thigh. He manged to crawl towards an area where he believed that stretcher bearers would find him but passed out. When he woke the ground was covered in frost except an area round him which turned out to be a dung hill for a destroyed farm. The heat from the dung had saved him. He was picked up and taken to a casualty clearing station where he heard a doctor tell a nurse that he wouldn't survive the night! He did, and was laer promoted to 2nd then full Lieutenant in the HLI and KOSB.

His wound 'broke down' in 1933 and he was operated on in Erskine Hospital near Glasgow, where they found a piece of his uniform still in his wounds. He was in his 86th year when he died.

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