1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Hiram Ludlam

Contributed by: Kathleen Willcocks - Ne Ludlam, on 2008-11-12

Hiram Ludlam
First Name Hiram
Surname Ludlam
Year of Birth 1899
Year of Death 1986
Regiment East Yorkshire Regiment
Place of Wartime Residence York, North Yorkshire

Hiram's Story

My Dad served in WW1. He would not talk about his experience.

It was only afte his death in 1986 that the family started to try and get hold of his service records. However, although we have his service number and have been in contact with the National Archives and the Army, to date we have had no luck. We know he had some medals, but unfortunately, due to his bitterness at being refused any help when he was unemployed, he threw them up his garden and to my knowledge they are still there, although the house is now occupied by different people. He would not buy a poppy, telling me that the lads that came back should not have to rely on charity. He was an A.R.P Warden during WW2 and organised a lot of "What to do if this happens" for the street where we lived. His brother was in the Navy in WW1 and was killed aboard HMS Fearless on September 12 1915. He also lost his Mother and Father all in the same year, so his younger life was very traumatic and I think this was the reason he joined up. Later on in life he never wanted to leave England again and as an RAF family who lived in Germany for three years, we would have brought him over, but he refused.

My brother told me he was wounded and then transferred from the East Yorks to the RASC looking after horses and supplying the front, but this I cannot be certain about - although I do know that he spent time as a groom. He would not agree with what I am doing here and just wanted to forget. He never wanted any of us to leave home and was very much a family man. I miss him very much and wonder what he would make of today and the way things are. He worked for York Corporation, as a plumber during his civilian days and was very much respected. One tale he did tell me was the reason he had no hair, was because he never took his tin hat off during WW1 and I believed him until I was old enough to realise he was having me on. God bless him and may he rest in peace.

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