1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Frederick Hobday

Contributed by: Patricia Heaney (Hobday), on 2008-11-12

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First Name Frederick
Surname Hobday
Year of Birth 1899
Year of Death 2000
Regiment West Yorkshire Regiment
Place of Wartime Residence Manchester, Lancashire

Frederick's Story

An excerpt from his diary remembering that his was 17 years of age.

Jerry is on the other side but what a row will it ever stop machine guns are srayingthe tops of the shell holes we dare not move it seems we are in a dammed unhealthy spot her, being new ground taken by the canadians a few days ago, the dead are out in front in heaps and some of them dont half smell, if you attempt to dig in here you disturb masses of rags bones and decomposed bodies. Equipment, rifles, wire, bully beef, is strewn all over, a sickening night. I hope we dont go over here its an absolute slaughter house

Other memories

patricia heaney (hobday), manchester Sk8 3TG 2008-11-24

Extract from a letter from his mother telling him that his father had been killed.

"I had a letter from L/T Petrea and he said your father was just outside the cookhouse doing his work when a shell fell and a splinterstruck him he called out I am hit then he ran and collapsed he never regained conciousness they buried him same day he died on January 12th now my dear son I am sending you a small cake for your tea on Sunday and will enjoy it we all send you love goodnight from all your loving mother"

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Patricia Heaney (Hobday)(81), Manchester 2009-05-22

I remember my father telling me about the day he was on stretcher duty with a pal they were struggling to get a man to the medical area when they met a soldier walking a horse and together they put him across its back and he watched it disappear into the distance,later they came across a German soldier face down in the mud he saw bubbles near his head so new he was still alive picked him up and wiped him down and propped him up in a barn near by he always wondered how both these incidents turned out

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Patricia Heaney (Hobday)(81), manchester 2009-06-30

please could you cange my fathers date of death my son noticed
the mistake he died on the 26th January 1991

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