1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

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Fredrick George Darran

Contributed by: Paul Darran, on 2008-11-11

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First Name Fredrick George
Surname Darran
Year of Birth 1895
Year of Death 1954
Regiment Royal Welch Fusiliers
Place of Wartime Residence West Ham, Greater London

Fredrick George's Story

Fredrick George Darran was my grandfather who like his ancesters from 1808 had joined the army in1910 at the age of 15 as a private into the 1st bn royal welch fusiliers.

His brother joining the Royal Navy at Hms ganges 1909. When the war started in august 1914 fred was stationed in malta with his battalion ,they being recalled in september 1914 to form the 7th division.

On the 6th october 1914 the 7th disembarked at the port of zeebrudge there job to defend the bridges at antwerp. after various engagments the battalion moved to ypres, the germans tring to push the allied back tring to capture the seaports, this being called the rush to the sea. on the 19th,20th october the germans attacked in large numbers, the british and indian troops holding the line.

By the 22nd october the muster was taken by the battalion and 213 officers and men were missing from its ranks. My grandfather was one of them. He was captured on the 20th october with many of his friends. little is known of what happened next. granddad was taken to many camps but ended up in a work camp somewhere, working in a salt mine for four years. He was beaten on a regular basis,once so bad with a oil lantern that it split open his scull, half dead,and in shock which turned his hair white at the age of 19.

after the war he never spoke of what had happened, would never eat brown bread or drink coffee. this due to the poor conditions given to british pow. half starved given only potato soup, black bread, and coffee made from acorns. For the rest of his life he suffered from stomach problems, this causing cancer of the stomach and hiM dying in much pain before his 60 birthday in 1954.

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