1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

David William Foster

Contributed by: Tamar McDonough, on 2008-11-11

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First Name David William
Surname Foster
Year of Birth Unknown
Year of Death Unknown
Regiment King's Shropshire Light Infantry
Place of Wartime Residence Brecon, Powys

David William's Story

My grandfather died last year aged 92 and up to his death he kept his dignity, bravery and the pride of his generation. He has my utmost love and respect, he is my hero and I miss him greatly. I only know frustratingly small pieces of his story and this activity is the kick start of my quest to discover more about his journey.

What I do know is he was the eldest son of Frank Foster, prominent cricketer who tragically died young. He was schooled in Repton and then Sandhurst, was a champion boxer and chess player, and graduated a Lieutenant. He spent time in a missionary in India before the war hunting to provide meat for the community.

He returned to England on the outbreak of the war and joined the King's Shropshire Light Infantry. Marrying my grandmother, Hilda Myfawnwy Pritchard just a few days before shipping out to Italy and then onto North Africa where he fought in Monty's Dessert Rats, I believe. He received a distinguished service commendation in the London Gazette on 23rd September 1943, the certificate of which hung on the wall close to his regular seat in the lounge every place and every year of his life after the war. He was wounded and sent back to Blighty following an incident (details provided by my grandmother) where his friend and trench companion saw an enemy solider about to throw a grenade in their direction and jumped out of their position and ran in the other direction distracting the incoming grenade and was blown to pieces, saving my grandfather's life.

Gramps was wounded by a piece of shrapnel in his arm and was sent home ending his experience of war.

As with many of the war generation, they don't feel the need to discuss their experiences and so the story goes untold year after year and with it the respect of the younger generations who patronise them and feel that their lives are some how different and old people cannot relate to the issues we experience today. I am starting my journey to understand David Foster better and to research his story to tell my children so we never forget the sacrifice and strength and the lessons of this generation.

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