1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Fred Hassell

Contributed by: Adrian Hassell, on 2008-11-10

Fred Hassell
First Name Fred
Surname Hassell
Year of Birth 1881
Year of Death 1968
Regiment South Staffordshire Regiment
Place of Wartime Residence London, Greater London

Fred's Story

Joined up in 1915 and served with the Northumberland Fusiliers , 9th Yorkshire regiment and the South Staffordshire.

Took part in the first Battle of the Somme, badly wounded in the attack on Lens / Ypes ? July 1917 and returned back to Britain to convalesce with Shell Shock. Missing on Patrol in no mans land when my Father was born in June 1918. He returned to Britain in April 1919 and then re-enlisted into the Royal Engineers.

At home the family was bombed out from their home in Fulham by a Zeppilin raid. Letter from the front Nov 11th 1918 to my grandmother:

'I am glad to say that this war I think is over now and I expect things are at present a bit lively all round and flags aflying about I should have liked to have been home, but never mind I am safe & sound & hope to be with you all before many months are up now, it will take a time for tidying things up, we have had some cheering here but we dont notice a great deal of difference as we are away from towns.

Of course we cannot here the guns aroaring as that is stopped but the aeroplanes are still having a run around more for joy rides now I expect, 11 oclock the ceasefire was given & I think they was getting rid of as much stuff as possible too as they kept well up to time just a few more ? for Jerry hard luck for anyone who got killed in last few hours, what say you.

We are in some houses at a railway crossing but no trains yet I bet they wont be long though as Jerry has not got time to touch the lines we were on him too quick for that .

Well my dear rumours are flying about already some say we are for garrison duty in Germany I hope not.

At any rate , give me blightly, the weather is fairly dry but cold.

I hope you are all free from the flue.

I dont think I have any more news this time so will close

with best love and wishes to all.

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