1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Thomas Arkill

Contributed by: Bernadette Mortimer, on 2008-11-09

Thomas John Arkill
First Name Thomas
Surname Arkill
Year of Birth 1893
Year of Death 1970
Regiment Royal Engineers
Place of Wartime Residence London, Greater London

Thomas's Story

Thomas was my uncle Tom. He enlisted in 1915 together with his father. He was at Gallipolli and then in France. He was affected by gas and later developed cancer of the larynx. He was also traumatised mentally by the war which he saw out to the bitter end. Unlce Tom lived to the age of 80yrs. I saw him shortly before he died. He could no longer eat or drink normally and because of his previous surgery on his throat he spoke very slowly and with difficulty. It was the only time he ever mentioned his wartime experiences to me, and with typical London wit, he said. "Bernadette, I have always had bad dreams about pulling my bayonet out of a mans body, but all I can dream about now is a plate of bacon and eggs!"

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