1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Harry Roberts

Contributed by: Barbara Roberts, on 2008-11-09

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First Name Harry
Surname Roberts
Year of Birth 1890
Year of Death 1972
Regiment 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
Place of Wartime Residence St.Helens, Lancashire

Harry's Story

My grandfather Harry was involved in a terrible engagement called "Le Cateau" in WW1.He told us (the family) of the horror and carnageof this battle. "Le Cateau" was one of the first engagements of WW1 and very few survived.My grandfather was one of the few who, did to fight another day.As I look at his photographs on his horse I cannot imagine what they all went through man and horse together. I was always touched at his compassion for his fellow soldiers and the devotion for their horses.He would tell us of times when if a horse went down the rider would stay with his horse or have to put it out of it's misery. Rider and horse where as one.

To see him and speak with him he was a no-nonsense man and a down to earth northerner, you would never expect the compassion and care that came out in he reminisences.

My grandfather was a man of talents and a person who loved horses. I never knew where or how he fought until I found pictures of him in his 4th Royal Irish Dragoon regalia and also with a picture of him on his horse in either France or Belgium. He was dressed in a different uniform with a rifle on his back. He was a person, I think scarred by war, as many were but from the stories he told us that have been passed on he was not afraid to do his duty, like others. I am proud of my grandfather because through war he survived and others didn't and I have what I have because of what he did. He loved his horses and told of many stories of how he would and others would help their horse in distress. He always said never to forget the sacrifice of the men and women who served and the sacrifice of the animals who aided them. Sadly all his medals were stolen in 1982.

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