1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

William Henry Harrop

Contributed by: Hadrian Harrop, on 2008-11-09

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First Name William Henry
Surname Harrop
Year of Birth 1894
Year of Death Unknown
Regiment Seaforth Highlanders
Place of Wartime Residence Glossop, Derbyshire

William Henry's Story

Further information. I do not know the date or place where William Harrop was wounded. I believe the location was Cambria, on the Arrass campaign. His platoon officer was shot, whilst exiting a trench, he tried to grab the hem of his kilt, but he in turn was shot by the same sniper- the sniper being located in a well, near a roadside shrine -because of the closeness of the range, the bullet entered at the left side of his neck between his clavical and shoulder blade travelling lengthways down his body, missing the vital organs, and exiting through his back taking away the last rib on that side. The exit wound left a huge hole in his back almost big enough to insert a closed fist. he was treated at Bristol Hospital. His health was obviously impaired for the rest of his life, and he was never given any war pension for his impaired health.

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