1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Robert Eastwood

Contributed by: Keith Eastwood, on 2008-11-08

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First Name Robert
Surname Eastwood
Year of Birth 1896
Year of Death 1981
Regiment King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
Place of Wartime Residence Lancaster, Lancashire

Robert's Story

He was only 5ft. tall and was put into a reserve battalion he was trained to train other soldiers how to use grenades, but concequently he was transferred to the loyal regiment and sent to the front.

He remembered having to pee on a piece of cloth to cover his face with against gas, he said that amunition was in short supply with three rounds a day being the norm also they somtimes had to make their own grenades out of whatever they could find.

One incident he did recount was they where having to retreat and the only way back was to cross a canal, his problem was that he had never learned to swim, plus he had a rifle and a full pack, but the alternative was unthinkable so he crossed the canal but never remembered how he did it.

He was wounded just abouve the right knee by shrapnel but was not sent back, but due to the amount of standing water in the trenches the wound took bad ways and he was sent back for treatment, he remembered that he was put on a white hourse belonging to a Canadian officer, obviously he was sent back to England, but was discharged as unfit to serve. He was sent to Notty Ash hospital in Liverpool and he was offered an operation to remove his knee cap and fuse his knee joint so that he would not be able to bend his leg, The alternative to this was an amputation.He went for the former and went on to lead a normal but restricted life.

Other memories

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