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14 October 2014
Religious Education

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Curriculum Bites RE > Key Stage 3 > To Die For
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To Die For
Time code
13.00 - 29.00
Length 16 m
Format 3 x 5m stories
Summary 3 twentieth century Christian martyr stories (Maximilian Kolbe, Manche Masemola and Oscar Romero) raise big questions about commitment.
Themes Commitment, world Christianity, key inspirational leaders.
What have we got here?
This strand gives the teacher three stories based upon the lives of three of the Christian martyrs commemorated in the statues unveiled at Westminster Abbey in 1998. The martyrs reflect some of the global settings in which Christianity has been found in the last 100 years, and raise interesting questions relevant to our own time about commitment and values.

· Manche Masemola - South Africa
· Father Maximilian Kolbe - Poland (Holocaust Europe)
· Archbishop Oscar Romero - El Salvador (repressive regime in Central America).

They are all controversial, challenging stories, told in video diary formats lasting just five minutes each. They are stimulus for some good learning in RE and aim to provoke skilful, thoughtful responses from pupils in the 11-14 age range.

The concept of martyrdom is well illustrated by these three short films, and can be the focus for work by pupils which relates to the example of Jesus and the teaching of the Gospels and of the church on commitment and self sacrifice.

When might you use this?

When studying questions of commitment, key figures in Christianity, martyrdom, the influence of Jesus' example or the global Christian community.

What pupils will be able to do at the end of this module

· describe the influence of Christian beliefs and commitments on the lives of three exemplary individuals.

· reflect on their own ideas about questions of purpose and commitment in the light of the examples examine what martyrdom means, and explain the concept with examples.

· consider the question: Have I found ideals to live for? To die for?

Relevant QCA Units

7B What does justice mean to Christians? 9C Why do we suffer?

Target age range

11-13 year olds

Manche Masemola
Activity 1
Points for teachers
Maximilian Kolbe
Activity 1
Points for teachers
Oscar Romero
Activity 1
Points for teachers
Liberation theology

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