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Red light districtThe way drugs and prostitution boost the economy

The UK economy is to get a £10bn boost from the inclusion of illegal drugs and prostitution. BBC News

A Courtyard in the Ghetto by Pavel SonnenscheinArt as 'a shield from the horror'

The "truly haunting" art created by Jewish children in a World War Two concentration camp goes on display at a Lancashire gallery. BBC News

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    What are the dimensions of your personal morality?

  • Soldiers and tankWar ethics

    Can war ever be just? Read the BBC's guide to the ethics of war

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  • Religion A-Z

    Find out more about the world's different religions

  • Ethics guide

    Debates surrounding ethical issues in everyday life


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  • The Big QuestionsBig Questions

    Nicky Campbell asks: Can Britain be proud of its role in Afghanistan? Should the state stop interfering in parenting? And should we have more faith in science?

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