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The BBC will be making an extra SD red button stream available for the duration of the Winter Olympics in addition to the one already available.

There will also be six live streams online and through the BBC's Connected Red Button service on Virgin Media TiVo and Sony Freeview Smart TVs and via the BBC Sport app for connected TVs.

This is in addition to scheduled coverage on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, Radio 5 Live, online and on digital platforms.

The Red Button streams will be available on the following platforms: 

  • Freeview
  • YouView
  • BT Vision
  • TalkTalk
  • Sky
  • Freesat
  • Virgin Media.

The extra Red Button stream will be 24-hour on Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media and will run 03:00-00:00 on DTT platforms (i.e. all day except for 3 hours overnight).

For more information visit the BBC Sport website

The geographical coverage of the extra DTT (Freeview, YouView, BT Vision and TalkTalk) Red Button stream will be slightly lower than the usual coverage, c. 90% of households rather than 98.5%.  The usual Red Button stream on DTT and both of the satellite and cable streams (Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media) will be the same as the usual BBC coverage.

How do I access the services?

If you are already watching the Winter Olympics coverage from a BBC channel, simply press red on your remote control to access the Red Button services.  Additionally, the services will be listed in the EPG of Freeview, YouView, BT Vision, TalkTalk, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.  They will be found on the following channel numbers, with schedule information for each event allowing viewers to record the events:

PlatformChannel number
Freeview, YouView, BT Vision & TalkTalk301302
Virgin Media991992

The extra Red Button stream will be available throughout the Winter Olympics, from 6th February-24th February.  The BBC will revert back to having just one Red Button stream from 25th February. For schedule information, though out the games please visit this page.

Do I need to retune my digital TV or box?

Freeview, YouView, BT Vision or TalkTalk: your receiver may pick up the extra Red Button stream automatically but you will likely need to retune your digital TV or box if you don’t have an HD receiver. 

Sky: you should not have to do anything.  If you do have a problem receiving the extra stream, you can try turning your Sky set top box off at the mains, waiting 30 seconds and turning it back on again.  If that doesn’t resolve your problem you can find more help at Sky’s help centre.

Virgin Media: the extra stream should appear automatically.  If you do have a problem receiving it, you can find more help at Virgin’s help centre  Virgin TiVo users can also access additional coverage on the Connected Red Button service.

Freesat: if you do not pick up the new stream automatically, you may need to put your digital TV or box into standby for 30 seconds and then switch it back on again.  If the stream is still unavailable then carry out a 'Freesat channel retune'. Full instructions can be found in the manual for your digital TV or box. Further help with retuning can be found at freesat's help centre or by calling the Freesat customer support team on 08450 990 990.

For more information on your local DTT coverage and to find out which channels are available at your address, please refer to the Digital UK coverage checker.

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