BBC DAB local radio

BBC Local Radio services are broadcast on digital radio by the relevant local DAB multiplex operator

BBC local and Nations radio services on DAB digital radio are transmitted by commercial broadcasting operators. In some areas there is not yet a local DAB service on air, so not every BBC station is currently available on this platform This is because the BBC's digital multiplex is already used to full capacity for BBC network services. 

The list of services below includes the multiplex channel number and multiplex operator. Some BBC local radio services are not yet available on DAB because they are in areas where a Commercial and Local multiplexes have not yet been launched or licensed by Ofcom (see the external links panel).

Station Block Operator
BBC Radio Berkshire 12D NOW Digital
BBC Radio Bristol 11B NOW Digital
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire    
Peterborough 12D NOW Digital
Cambridge 11C NOW Digital
BBC Radio Cornwall 11B NOW Digital
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 12D NOW Digital
BBC Radio Derby 10B* NOW Digital
BBC Radio Devon    
Exeter and Torbay 11C NOW Digital
North Devon 10C* NOW Digital
Plymouth 12D NOW Digital
BBC Essex 12D NOW Digital
BBC Radio Gloucestershire 10C*  MuxCo
BBC Hereford & Worcester 12A  MuxCo
BBC Radio Humberside 10D* Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Radio Kent 11C NOW Digital (Southern)
BBC Radio Lancashire 12A Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Radio Leeds    
Leeds 12D  Bauer Digital Radio
Bradford and Huddersfield 11B SwitchDigital
BBC Radio Leicester 11B  NOW Digital (East Midlands) 
BBC Radio Lincolnshire 12A MuxCo
BBC Radio London 12A SwitchDigital (London)
BBC Radio Manchester 12C  CE Digital 
BBC Radio Merseyside 10C* Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Radio Newcastle 11C Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Radio Norfolk 10B*  NOW Digital
BBC Radio Northampton 10C* NOW Digital
BBC Radio Nottingham 12C  NOW Digital (East Midlands) 
BBC Radio Oxford 10B*  NOW Digital (Oxford)
BBC Radio Sheffield 11C Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Radio Shropshire 11B NOW Digital
BBC Radio Solent    
Bournemouth 11B NOW Digital
South Hampshire 11C NOW Digital (Southern)
BBC Somerset 10B*  MuxCo
BBC Radio Stoke 12D SwitchDigital
BBC Suffolk 10C* MuxCo
BBC Surrey 10C*  MuxCo
BBC Sussex 10B* NOW Digital (Southern)
BBC Tees 11B Bauer Digital Radio
BBC Three Counties Radio 10D* NOW Digital
BBC Wiltshire    
Swindon 11C NOW Digital
Wiltshire 10D* NOW Digital
BBC WM    
Birmingham 11C CE Digital
Wolverhampton 11B NOW Digital
BBC York 10C* MuxCo

There are a few different ways to to perform a full scan, this depends on the radio model, please follow the advice below:

Press "Menu" > Select "Scan Type" > Select "Full Scan" (not "Local Scan") *Some older radios may require a “full scan” to pick up stations in blocks 10A, 10B, 10C and 10D.

Press and hold the button labelled "Auto Tune" or "Scan" to start a full scan (a short press starts a "Fast Scan").

It may be necessary on occasion to perform a factory reset if the channels are not found after a full scan. 

Resetting your DAB Radio removes all presets, stored stations and favourite stations and alarm/

timer settings and resets all options to defaults. To reset:

1. Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds. The screen shows ‘Do you want to reset?’.

2. Select OK to reset or Cancel to exit without resetting.

* This applies to most radios and may not apply to yours. If this is the case please check your manufacturer instructions on how to reset. 


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