Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  

Vampire Weekend

Performance clip

The band will be trying out new material at Reading and Leeds, following on from their universally acclaimed self titled album. Vampire Weekend's African influenced indie rock will be the perfect accompaniment to this August weekend's traditionally blazing afternoons.

Set List

  • 1.Mansard Roof *
  • 2.Campus *
  • 3.Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • 4.I Stand Corrected *
  • 5.White Sky
  • 6.Bryn *
  • 7.Boston *
  • 8.A-Punk *
  • 9.M79 *
  • 10.One (Blake's Got a New Face) *
  • 11.Cousins
  • 12.The Kids Don't Stand a Chance
  • 13.Oxford Coma
  • 14.Walcott
  • *= featured in online & red button edit


    • 1. At 10:30pm on 31 Aug 2009, thedjsnow wrote:

      I appreciate that not all of the performances can be featured, but I would love to find out if the missing tracks or complete performances could be published either on DVD or to download at an extra cost. There were some great memories from this weekend, I'd love to keep them, and i'm sure others would too!

      Particularly ~Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa~!!

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    • 2. At 6:05pm on 01 Sep 2009, Scampi wrote:

      What an amazing set! I was amazed, new material sounds amazing! Also saw myself in the crowd, random red haired girl on my shoulders, ha ha good times!!

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