Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  


Radiohead hadn't played Reading Festival for 15 years, but made up for their long absence by performing a classic set. Spanning songs from The Bends to In Rainbows, the set ranged from the experimental to sing-a-long anthems.

Set List

  • 1.Creep
  • 2.National Anthem *
  • 3.15 Step
  • 4.There There
  • 5.All I Need
  • 6.Nude
  • 7.2+2=5
  • 8.The Gloaming
  • 9.Climbing Up The Walls
  • 10.Street Spirit *
  • 11.Reckoner *
  • 12.Karma Police *
  • 13.Weird Fishes/Arpeggi *
  • 14.Just
  • 15.Idioteque
  • 16.Exit Music
  • 17.Bodysnatchers *
  • 18.You And Whose Army?
  • 19.Lucky
  • 20.These Are My Twisted Words
  • 21.Jigsaw Falling into Place
  • 22.Paranoid Android *
  • 23.Everything In Its Right Place *
  • * =Featured in red button & online edit



Main Stage

Sunday 30 ~ Reading

Saturday 29 ~ Leeds

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