Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  


Radiohead hadn't played Reading Festival for 15 years, but made up for their long absence by performing a classic set. Spanning songs from The Bends to In Rainbows, the set ranged from the experimental to sing-a-long anthems.

Set List

  • 1.Creep
  • 2.National Anthem *
  • 3.15 Step
  • 4.There There
  • 5.All I Need
  • 6.Nude
  • 7.2+2=5
  • 8.The Gloaming
  • 9.Climbing Up The Walls
  • 10.Street Spirit *
  • 11.Reckoner *
  • 12.Karma Police *
  • 13.Weird Fishes/Arpeggi *
  • 14.Just
  • 15.Idioteque
  • 16.Exit Music
  • 17.Bodysnatchers *
  • 18.You And Whose Army?
  • 19.Lucky
  • 20.These Are My Twisted Words
  • 21.Jigsaw Falling into Place
  • 22.Paranoid Android *
  • 23.Everything In Its Right Place *
  • * =Featured in red button & online edit


    • 1. At 2:46pm on 31 Aug 2009, econrathe wrote:

      Why did BBC3 call last night's 10.45 slot 'Radiohead at Reading' when it was a mere 45 minutes of what was one of Radiohead's best performances ever live. after 45 minutes we were subjected to geeky idiots showing us backstage portacabins and loos and the 'alternative' stage with nobody there and clips of frankly rubbish...

      So so frustrating!!!!! If you are going to do it, do it properly...!!! We don't want to see portakabins and loos when Radiohead is on stage!!!

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    • 2. At 4:39pm on 31 Aug 2009, everythinginitsrightplace wrote:

      mate, i totally sympathise. i was there last night right at the front and it was insane, sublime. the fact that you couldn't watch it all is lame and the other thing which is lame is that they missed out the best parts of the set. for example, you and whose army? was absolutely incredible. usually have full concerts posted on youtube though so go watch there :) and make sure you see them next time they tour so highlights won't be needed!

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    • 3. At 7:37pm on 31 Aug 2009, Richyg1991 wrote:

      i agree .. it never even shown Street Spirit (my favourite song of all time).. i had to press the red button to watch it... i just hope that the red button show of radiohead on wedndesday shows all the Set-List .. if not why do we even pay Liscence Fee's for a half arsed attempt of fastival coverage

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    • 4. At 7:56pm on 31 Aug 2009, econrathe wrote:

      Thanks for your support people. I have seen Radiohead live 5 times and once in Florence in Italy - I know the deal - Just so annoyed with the BBC coverage.

      And to add yet more insult to Reading. Tonights so called Best bits featured LITTLE BOOTS FOR HALF AN HOUR - OMFG and Kaiser Chiefs (are they still around - zzzzz) and finally Arctic Monkeys pretending to be Nick Cave - frankly POOR POOR POOR ...

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    • 5. At 8:44pm on 31 Aug 2009, PatFeet wrote:

      I watched last night and although they didn't show the complete set, I was still happy with it.

      Would like to see the whole thing though.

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    • 6. At 10:32pm on 31 Aug 2009, Adam wrote:

      just download it on iplayer man, think it has the full set on it.

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    • 7. At 10:49pm on 31 Aug 2009, Adam wrote:

      no no i was wrong they didn't put the whole set on the one you can download GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
      they missed out like half.

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    • 8. At 10:56pm on 31 Aug 2009, salelbar wrote:

      Radiohead was absolutely amazing. They did themselves a massive favour opening with "Creep" (we were all wondering "will they, won't they?") and then some of the more self-indulgent stuff. "Reckoner" and "Karma Police" were fantastic in the singalong stakes. Only one very minor gripe, which was the silly 8-frame screens, which served to show all members of the band at the same time, but this only meant you couldn't see anyone properly. Never mind, was still great.

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    • 9. At 5:26pm on 03 Sep 2009, Bad_Ambassador wrote:

      I'm not complaining. Taking into account that most bands don't agree to have their whole shows shown, across the actually 55 minutes worth shown in one go on Sunday night, plus the further three tracks from the red button it amounted to 14 songs and 70 minutes of Radiohead coverage. Complaining about that seems a little bit picky to be fair. Yes, I'd have loved to have seen the whole set to but it's an unrealistic expectation. I agree that the naming of the show was a little misrepresentative, but that's all I've got to moan about. Great coverage, great sound.

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    • 10. At 02:03am on 12 Jan 2010, jorge wrote:

      Hi friends! Im spanish man i was in the festival and it was fantastic I saw in another concert of the same tour in 2008 I believe that it was one of the concerts that mas have enjoyed in my life. I like to know if someone can say the "link" for download to me of someone of these two concerts (the link exists of reading and leeds fest but this one is not), thanks very much one response, Thanks!!

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