Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  


Lovvers take their musical reference points from the first decade of American punk rock, though it's the way they combine them that matters. Backed by BBC Introducing in Nottingham, the sloppy and furious punk four-piece have been gigging relentlessly since forming in 2006.

Willing to play anywhere at any time, Lovvers racked up over 200 gigs in their first two years, opening for the likes of the Black Lips, F****d Up and even the Butthole Surfers. They are on the road for the rest of 2009, performing tracks from their debut album, OCD Go Go Go Girls, which hit the shelves on August 10th.'

Reading Set List

  • 1. OCD Go-Go Girls
  • 2. Ad-lib
  • 3. Society Jam
  • 4. I Want To Go
  • 5. Creepy Crawl
  • 6.Human Hair
  • 7. Four Count
  • 8. 100 Flowers
  • 9. Attitude


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      BBC Introducing Stage

      Fri 28 August Reading

      Sun 30 August Leeds

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