Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  


London's Kasms are a riotous and melodramatic foursome who describe their brand of explosive punk as 'shriekbeat'. They are made up of Rachel Mary Callaghan, Gemma Fleet, Scott R. Walker and Rory Brattwell. All four members have been in other bands: Rory was in quite a few (the most well known being short-lived NME favorites Test Icicles).

Kasms' dark tendencies reveal themselves in the band's explosive live shows. In the short time they've been together, rumours of their unpredictable and intense performances have spread quickly, stoking the fire and propelling the band forward.

Reading Set List

  • 1. Male Bonding
  • 2. Taxidermy
  • 3. Spayed
  • 4. Bone You
  • 5. Siren Sister
  • 6. AWOL
  • 7. Murmur
  • 8. Mackerel Sky / Toil and Trouble


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      Fri 28 August Reading

      Sun 30 August Leeds

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