Reading & Leeds 28-30 August 2009  

British Intelligence

Selected to play at Reading and Leeds by BBC Introducing in Essex, this uncompromising heavy rock, rap and breaks sextet pack a powerful punch that evokes the likes of Dog Eat Dog, Public Enemy, (hed)p.e. and Rage Against The Machine.

In the past year, the band have been hitting the gig circuit in Essex and London, fine-tuning an album of material (including debut single, Street Fight) and promoting their own showcase Box-850 nights in Chelmsford.

Set List

  • 1. No More
  • 2. Telepathy
  • 3. Generation
  • 4. Street Fights
  • 5. Gimmie This Chance
  • 6. Take You Home



BBC Introducing Stage

Fri 28 August Leeds

Sat 29 August Reading

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BBC Introducing in Essex

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