Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch a clip of We Are Scientists on Saturday's Main stage

Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Known for their wacky banter as well as their infectious tunes, WAS are the bedrock of indie discos and underage festivals. Extensive touring will hopefully fuel their stand-up material as they play to the Reading and Leeds crowd on 'indie day'.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Ram It Home
  2. Nobody Move
  3. Chick Lit
  4. Inaction
  5. Impatience
  6. Let's See It
  7. Cash Cow
  8. Lethal Enforcer
  9. It's A Hit
  10. All That She Wants
  11. After Hours
  12. Great Escape

User Reviews

jonny daly
omg they were class and there new album every song is a hit best band ever

they were brill best band there!!

EPIC. as always, 2nd row at Leeds and was worth all the pain for the energy and banter.

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