Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



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Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Broken at Glastonbury's BBC Introducing stage in 2007, The Ting Tings' bouncy tirades have become a fixture at UK festivals this last year. Watch the success story of 2008 fulfill their promise in front of a demanding crowd.

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I saw the Ting Tings on the Introducing... stage at Reading this year, and honestly, they sound flawless acoustic.

Ting Tings were my highlight at Reading, Brilliant live Duo, They really know how to put on a show and get the audience with them. Tent was perfect as it put everybody in with them, on the main stage would have detached them and that is not the point of there style of music. Great stuff. Oh and I am 37 and a metal fan.

Went to see Ting Tings as my mate wanted to see them, they weren't my cup of tea. but my opinion has changed. Not only did they have the crowd under their trance but they played so many instruments and its only 2 of them! Great musicians and performers thru and thru!!

I saw the Ting Tings at Leeds this year and they were really good, however i felt they should have been on the main stage as the Radio 1/ NME tent was really cramped as so many people wanted to see them. Really good preformance tho!!

I have always been a fan, I bought the album and enjoyed it. I went to see them at Reading not sure if they would translate well live.. but they were brilliant. Changed a lot of people's opinions Im sure. Well worth seeing live.

Dan C - Northants
Brilliant Performance. Really light up the NME stage on the Saturday and was one of the highlights of the weekend. Not normally a Ting Tings fan but they completley changed my mind with their performace. Great Live!!

Matt Jones
Best band by far who performed at Leeds on the Final Day. Katie really got the crowd going and her live performances were so entertaining and energetic. Will be going to see them again live soon! :)

hey, just wanted to say that the i saw the ting tings in reading o8, and they were quite good had there not been some technical dificulties 18 mins 50 secs into there set, when the crowd started to boo. however i dont think the NME tent did them any justice because they should have been on the mane stage, they would have been really good, especialy alongside the other main stage performers. But there is one thing i am cirtain of, and that the ting tings are going to be big, not only at reading, but at glastonbury, i here there were in a small tent in glastonbury but are widly known, but if they still are in a small tent there next year, then that tent is going to be overcrowded!!

Great performance. Totally changed my views on them. Must get cd today

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