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The Wizard and the lizard rock Reading

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Following in the footsteps of Weird Al and Jonathan Richman, Tenacious D's brand of satire rock sounds even more hilarious sandwiched between Metallica and Slipknot on the bill. The Deathstar, the devil and George Bush provide targets for Jack and Kyle's ire. Listen out for their menacing Sax-a-Boom instrument.

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It has to be said that I thought The D were fantastical!!!I left to do a bit of lovely reduced price shopping after their set (and to appriciate Tallica from a distance) I was expecting to be in a massive minority but there seemed to be massive streams of people doing so...evidently the stats are with me, you say that they shouldn' be second on the bill on the main stage...damn right if they are gonna pull in that big a crowd then they should headline!!!

Scotty Mac
They had me in a good mood for Metallica, and really blew the night into an epic one for me! Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold not playing made me think my Sunday would be awful, but with the D on board, how could I even have thought that!

Tenacious D were nothing other than outstanding. Their outrageous comical lyrics and general acting, combined with their musical talent proved to be an unbeliveable combination and anyone who thinks otherwise is entitled to their opinion, but quite frankly, The D played the most entertaining set at Reading.

Joanna H
I saw them at Leeds festival, they were F'ing fantastic. I loved the whole set, not else like it during the festival. My favorite part was when Jables had a go at Kyle for wearing a lizard suit and said he was gonna get Lenny Kravitz lol. The Who Medley at the end was also awesome.

You need a bit of comic relief at the end of the weekend. The D were goddamn incredible and even a smidgen better than Metallica :)

tbh mark w you are in a minority as although you may think tenacious D are a joke band, but they are still entertaining as anything over the weekend, they pull th biggest crowds because their music does not fall into many genres, its just a good time and a sing a long, they are always played on the load speakers previous years and everyone has a good time. This year they pulled a bigger crowd than mettalic, i'm not saying theyre better that would be ridiculous but they have larger appeal. So yes you are missing something. On the performance fantastic big highlight

Loved it! Wheres the bit where they jam to the train!? that was hilarious!

how can someone not find jack black funny! saw then and loved every second, GREAT! roll on reading 09!!

saw them at leeds on friday and they were the funniest thing i have seen in a long time !!! The costumes and the first few minuites of the set were the best and the bits which made it for me though

Jayne P
Amazing fun and fantastic display of talent. I went to Reading to see these guys and Metallica and i was blown away.. still got the goosebumps to prove it! Whether or not you think The D are musically profound or not, you gotta give them kudos for showman ship. Can't wait to see them again!!!!

Other than RATM and 'Tallica, the performance I enjoyed most. Some people had no idea what the hell was going on but loved it none the less.

Wasnt expecting much but was hilarious.

steve n
total agree with mark w mate you are spot on we had spinal tap and yes they were a joke but unfunny then looked what happened when bad news even with the great rik and ade played at donington keep rock acts to perform and leave comedy alone

Daisy - Bushey
You rocked sooo much and my sister Lucy came to see you so thank you for the Autograph like the picture hehe keep on rocking!

Rob E
Just like to say to mark w that tenacious D had the 2nd biggest crowd all weekend at reading, rage obviously coming first.They were amazing, funny and what rock is all about

Brillant; best performance of the festival, due to both the musical tallent, and the comic factor!!!!!!Defintely a Jake out of Ten.

Alex Simpson
I thought it was brilliant performance vocally and technically, very entertaining, the most entertaining act I have seen in the whole festival.

Mark W
Apologies to the T D fans but one of the worst displays I have ever seen (and I've seen Vixen in concert). Am I mssing something here? Is Jack Black supposed to be funny...because he ain't. Is their 'comedy rock' supposed to be comedic...cos' it ain't. Seriously, I'm really disappointed that the organisers saw fit to put on a joke band as 2nd on the bill on the main stage of a big festival when there are a lot of legit bands and music out there, some of them trying to make a living out of it. T D were/are an embarrassment.

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