Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Reading and Leeds festival has become an annual homecoming for The Subways, despite their Hertfordshire roots. No other crowd reacts in the same way to these indie rockers. Popular demand pushed them to the bigger stages and that's where they've stayed since 2005.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Kalifornia
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. Alright
  4. Shake Shake
  5. I Won't Let You ...
  6. I Wanna Hear ...
  7. Turnaround
  8. With You
  9. Girls And Boys
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Queen

User Reviews

Definitely one of the highlights of the whole weekend ~ they rocked the main stage

Scotty Mac
They are one of those bands that the scenesters can get into for the clean, yet heavy guitar work from "Young For Eternity", but at the same time can really create a riot with newer songs like Girls & Boys! They can handle a Download festival crowd as well as a Reading crowd, so fair play to them!

Hehe that crazy masked guy during rock and roll queen...BrilliantAwesome performance, best of the non-headliners all weekend, buying all their albums asap

INSANE!! I nearly broke my arm as well!! One of the best performances of the whole weekend. Definitely worked the crowd better than anyone. My new favourite band!

this band were the best act of the whole weekend i'd say they just got the crowd going for it!! i hope they can make it 6 years so i can scream to them agen!!

Seen them at Leeds four years running, they get better every time and really need to be higher up the bill; they could be tent headliners!

Rob Barker
the subways were amazing they were the best band by far in my opinion!!!! i was at the front for them and got bad ribs off the railings. they were fantasic with the crowd. the atmosphere in the crowd was electric!!!!!!!!

AMAZING (: I got in about six circle pits and have got some MASSIVE bruises to prove it! But I'd do all again right now if I could! I LOVE READING!!!

Was really suprised by an amazing set from The Subways. They worked the crowd and justified their slot completely.

There are no words to describe how awesome The Subways are. I was literally sick with excitement.

5th straight year for them.. fantastic show one of the best performances of the weekend !!

Mike S
I'm a massive fan of The Subways and have seen em 5 times now. I was blown away by there performance this year. One thing i was not expecting was pits bigger thn ones for rage! This is a band which i can see becoming massive in years to come.

Nick Pearson
I've seen these guys about 5 or 6 times now - 3 times at Reading and their gigs get a bit more epic every time. They sure know how to work a crowd and have some solid riffs to back justify me falling over twice in the circle pits!

nearly dislocated my shoulder haha but they were top class headlining soon???!!!

Tim Williams
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! The subways were amazing, i went and i was near the front and i ended up with 2 black eyes lol. But it was all worth it 100%. All the other bands were good etc. The Enemy but The Subways were quality. Thanks

One of the best bands at Reading this year. Blew me away.

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