Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Four spacey art rockers from Leeds with a penchant for the odd soundbite.

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Really talented guys, could do very well. Made my weekend a little bit nicer.

An excellent set at Reading, refreshingly different-sounding with a slightly discordant but still rhythmically logical vibe. They definitely represent the good side of "experimental" music. If they had an album, I'd be buying it now...

Apart Dizzy - the best thing I saw all weekend!

I thought this band were excellent. The crowd were gathering for the rumored foos gig which never happened and found themselves listening to some great new talent. Definately one of the highlights of my festival. They had a contagious enthusiasm some bands on the main stage were sadly missing, for this and their awesome music I applaude them. Check them out!

Loved Solus Locus at the Leeds 'fest. What a highly eccentric and likeable frontman!

very good music of the future they had then presence of cold play and the attitude of jim morroson it was a great gig there was respect from the crowed and i would definatly buy there single or album because i thought there taste was interesting

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