Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch Tom Morello and Serj Tankian perform Lazarus On The Down

A special acoustic track at Reading and Leeds festivals 2008

* Rage Against The Machine have chosen not to be recorded for TV or radio on their current UK tour *

Radio 1 Newsbeat Review

When they come onstage dressed in orange jumpsuits and fully hooded in a reference to American foreign policy it feels like he's taking a sledgehammer to a nut, but it is certainly effective... read full review

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Rage were amazing, nothing more satisfying than a whole crowd of fans screaming in unison. Tom Morello is incredible on a guitar.Made my Reading '08.

Jordan Moody
Rage was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and the fact it wasn't televised makes it so much better! Anyone who saw The Babyshambles had an absolute shocker!

Andy Crawley
It's difficult to describe just how amazing it was to for me to watch Rage at Reading this year. I'd seen them back in 2000 at the festival (yes I am getting bloody old now!), and that was, back then, one of the highlights of my life. I'd grown up listening to them, they were one of my favourite all time bands (still are), and even though they were 4th down on the bill (behind Placebo? What the hell was up with that?!) it was just awesome seeing them. And then they went and split up, we had to endure the torment of Zack never releasing his solo material, and the god awful Audioslave, and i thought i would never ever see them again......until now. Seeing them this year, while it can never beat seeing them for the first time for me (though i am aware that for so many of the kids at the festivals this year it was their first time seeing them, and what a first time it was), they actually played even better. So damn powerful was the set, and the emotion of actually getting to see them again, that i was one of the "grown men reduced to tears" described by a reviewer on the official Reading site. Not because they played Ashes in The Fall and Born of a Broken Man, but because seeing them again was just so powerful, so awesome, and to actually SEE them took me back to my teenage years again. Too many people in the crowd were just waiting for them to play Killing In The Name, but for me it will never be about that one song, it's about every single song they write, play, cover, and the way they put it across. I sincerely hope they release a new album. BEST. BAND. EVER!

wish that they had played the 2 hours on sunday instead of Metallica; Metallica were brilliant but Rage were the highlight of the weekend.

@ Ciara I'm pretty sure i saw you, I think I was standing near the food bars when you were brought over by this guy then carried off to the medical rage were amazing, a very close second to metallica, which is an chievement in itself!

Craig Langley
Thee best gig in the world! never ever felt a rush like it, being in what i can only describe as the biggest mosh pit in the world was the smost single greatest moment of my life were nothing else mattered. And not showing that gig or any other one is a disgrace.

The traumatic experience of getting my Leeds tickets at the VERY last minute, was rewarded by RAGE on SATURDAY NIGHT!!! I am too sort to go down to the front so I watched them on the big screen by the sound booth, and even that far back the atmosphere was awesome! I have to say I wasn't surprised that they had to stop part way into their set. As soon as they came on I witnessed the entire crowd on my side take about 2-3 steps forward (even though they was nowhere for them to go!!!). Anyway dispite the slight crowd malfunction, RAGE delivered and lived up to all my expectations (this being the first time I have EVER seen them live), and I have to say, there were a couple more acts that I really enjoyed that weekend, but none got me more JUMP UP AND DOWN excited than RAGE, and that hasn't happened in a long time! LETS SEE MORE OF THEM IN THE UK, PLEASE!!!!!

Rage were better than i could have ever imagined! You could tell that Zach put everything into their perfomance and Tom was insane on guitar! It was the BEST gig i have been and probably will ever go to! Absolutely fantastic, 11/10! Rock on RAGE!

I rememebr standing in the crowd, anticipating RATM's presence on the main stage. When the sirens were going and the lights went down, I expected something truly spectacular & I knew from the moment they played Bombtrack still in the orange boiler suits that I would not be dissappointed. A truly amazing show and soo stoked to be a part of history.

Rage were awesome, although I passed out during Bombtrack and had to be carried out by this lovely guy called Phil from Devon. I wish I could thank him, he possibly saved my life. I managed to run away from the Medical tent to catch Killing in the Name of... LOVE RAGE! YEAAAAH

Phil Bastini
OMG I was in the centre of the pit watching rage, was the most amazing expierence of my life, really words dont descirbe!

Since reforming, Rage are under a blanket policy refusing to broadcast any of their performances live. i could go on all day about how powerful their performance was, but one phrase somes it up.. "mind-blowing".

Ryan McNeill
AMAZING. thats the one word needed to describe their performance and atmosphere... so glad to be there

Adam Packer
Easily one of the musical highlights of my life. So glad I have finally been able to see them. Flawless in every respect. Such a talented and meaningful band with an unbeatable sound. I can die a happy man now. Simply incredible. Thank you Rage.

The Front couple of rows were absolutely manic. I was entranced. Where metallica the night before were awesome, they did also need props, Fire, lightening, and even the Ego ramp above the stage. Rage didnt need anything but themselves and the music. It just destroyed any other gig ive ever seen. I could easily never see another gig in my life.

Best of Leeds easily- still cant walk! They rocked that place out!

Loved them. Am sad to say I've only recently begun to understand what they are about, but they grabbed the whole crowd and gave their all at the performance! Just wish I could have been closer to the stage.

Dan - Leicester
absolutely amazing performance. the best mosh pit ive ever been in, loved every minute

Gareth James, CAMBS.
RATM at Reading Festival were fantastic, the smiles on their faces showed that united again, they couldn't be happier. The speech Zack made during "Wake Up" was truely outstanding. Rage are back for now, lets just hope they stay around to give us another fantastic experience! Thank you to the Festival organisers. I and many others will never forget this moment!

best gig of my life its sad that Rage dont want there gig to be televised but there are alot of "those that burn crosses: who what to get them arrested for somthing and editing video tape is there best way because Rage are very careful what they say as they know they are very influncial to there audiance

The best band at the festival by far.

Tom Chapman
I first got into Rage a few months before they split back in 2000 and was absolutely gutted I would never see them live, or so I thought. When they re-formed last year I just kept on hoping they'd make a British appearance and when it came in my home-town festival (Leeds) it just made it all the more special. Stood in a field of thousands all chanting "Rage" waiting for them to come on the anticipation of one of the best live acts ever was immense. The band not only didn't disappoint but impressed me all the more. The raw power and feeling the band put into the performance was incredible. At 24 I know that set will live with me for the rest of my life, I only hope that someday I might get to see them live again. Much appreciation to the Leeds Fest organizers for getting such an amazing band!

Adam hart
To live up to the high levels of expectation, be they based on mythological pretense, unrequited love or previous Reading performances, this writer can say in the cases of all but the last, Rage Against The Machine successfully liberated the main stage audience of Friday night.Tom Morello's innovative solos and blues based industrious riffs, supported by a solid rhythm section, provided the political force that is Zach De Rocha with the rock-steady bounce required to incite the riot we all so readily craved.This is what music is about. For those who know, hear and understand these lyrics, this is the ultimate adrenal shot to the heart . What amplifies this emotion further for many is the communal recognition in the build up, that this band was never expected to reunite.So what if the mid-set speech was a little obvious and slightly dated? The band's been away for a while and picked on the best topic to stir discontent with the key war of our generation, whilst avoiding any post 9/11 references.It is truly questionable whether any band at Reading or Leeds this year will have an arsenal of well stocked songs, capable of challenging RATM. Let us just hope they write more songs and return next year to "fill the air with noises".

Fantastic best band ever amazing performance fab musicians loved them!!! very surreal dream come true!!!

Robert Syner
I left London at 11am on Saturday morning and arrived at the festival at 3pm. I took my brother and his friend with me. The three of us have been to many great gigs together but there was always one live show missing! Having missed Dizzy Rascal we were a little gutted and spent the rest of the day walking from one music tent to another but not really paying too much attention to the music being played. In all honesty we were only ever here for one reason, to see the best live band in the world! After watching Queens of the Stone Age the anticipation was killing us. The delay between the Queen's finishing and Rage starting was intense and the crowd was really starting to warm up. When Rage finally hit the stage the crowd went into a frenzy and when the first note was played the whole place exploded. I am sure I couldn't breathe at the front but I was still trying to belt out their lyrics. I have seen Rage at Brixton Academy, Wembley and Finsbury Park and whilst Brixton was the Pinnacle of the performances I have seen, Leeds 2008 came pretty damn close. They may have lost some of their raw power but it certainly didn't feel like it on that night! Best live band that has been, will be and will ever be!

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