Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch Josh Homme interviewed by Huw Stephnes at Reading Festival.

Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Rifts that were made for the big stage and a twisted groove. QOTSA are ammunition for mosh pits at their hardest and make-out music at their most melodic.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Go With The Flow
  2. Regular John
  3. Sick,Sick
  4. Misfit Love
  5. In My Head
  6. Turnin' On The Screw
  7. Run Pig Run
  8. Little Sister
  9. Someone's In The Wolf
  10. Millionaire
  11. Threes And Sevens
  12. Headache
  13. No One Knows
  14. Dead

User Reviews

No One Knows during this set was the best song ive ever heard live. They played it to perfection, the mosh's were crazy

Absolutly incredible show, the atmosphere was electric and the music was mind blowing. Second best band of the festival next to rage!

sim jibley
i agree that qotsa should have headlined instead of killers, but then how could you pick a better act to open for rage? Just an awesome evening altogether

The perfect warm up to Rage - two bands i had been waiting to see all summer were come and gone so quickly - but i'll never forget the atmoshphere or the music that night.

Jimmy Jacobs
The sky is awesome in this video. As is the music.

perfect warm up for rage against the machine, i was right in the thick of it at the front and it was awesome!

i broke my watch during the gig but who cares. best band at the festival. possibly trumped by Rage due to it being maybe their last gig. its great to see them play lesser known songs like regular john, i think i lost my headache and run pig run aswell.

big si
incredible atmosphere, great tunes, amazing performance, really could of headlined instead of killers, but qotsa and ratm back to back was just too damn good

Josh competely changed the set around, added a slow version of GWTF, and its always great to hear Millionaire. Great set yet again from the best rock band in the world.

This was my first festival and what an amazing time I had, Queens of the Stone Age rocked the stage like I have never seen before. Totally the best band and what a great selection of tunes. Roll on next year!

absolutly amazing, best band of the festival in my opinion :) no one knows is a great song live

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