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Pendulum have exploded this summer, taking the reins of Prodigy's post-rave mash-up and their fans in tow. Their Radio 1's Big Weekend show made the stage shudder like no other act. Jump up, jump up and get down.

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I was stewarding with Oxfam, walking around behind the NME stage I could hear the crowd roaring for the start, by the time I got into the arena by the NME stage the crowd was immense and there was no way of squeezing my way through! I managed to find a friendly group of peoples to rave with, hehe. Absolutely sublime act, were great at Download festival this year as well.

what a class set!i was at leeds but i think that bands like this are better in tents, enter shikari where the same last year, its the fact that its so packed that makes it so good! dont think it would be the same on the main stage somehow the tent stages are loads better

WOW WOW WOW!!!! this was such an amazing atmosphere loved every min of it the tent was such a great atmosphere in leeds! it was imesne everyone was jumping there tits to them haha was totally amazing!!! going to see these again deffo wow so good!!!

absolutely immense. the crowd size didnt suprise me, i knew how packed they were going to be. Pendulum had such a big hype to live up to and they more than surpassed it in my opinion. Although there is truth about losing some sound if they were to play main stage, prodigy have headlined before on the main and were absolutly amazing. If the sound techies get the mixing right on the sound desk, then it won't matter too much. I don't see how festival republic could put them in a tent further up the bill when they packed it out as much as they did this year. If they play again i think they would have to be moved to main stage just for health and safety reasons due to the amount of people wanting to see them - and they will only get more popular.

It's a real shame it wasn't a DJ set rather than this band crap there trying to do now. Watching this video has only confirmed that I made the right decision in going back to my tent for a nap instead or seeing this nonsense.

They rocked that tent at leeds, the crowd was up there with the crowd at Rage, and that's really saying somthing. I hope they never play main stage as the atmosphere is just lost in the sky, much prefer them in tents. Cya next year lads.

These guys were one of the highlights of my weekend! Absolutely immense! When Slipknot had pulled out i thought they should have been moved to the main stage cos I sware down at Leeds there were that many people there watching them you couldn't even move outside the tent!!!IMMENSE!!!LOVE IT!

Pendulum were awsome! Never seen the tent packed so much and thank god for the middle barrier (which i was luckily at the front of) they put up for 08, otherwise there would be mega crushage!I have to point out tho, I doubt it very much Pendulum will ever play main stage. The beats and bass would be lost in the air n just wouldnt have the same messy, ravy effect! You need it to be bouncing off the walls of a tent/club. Plus sound on mainstage this year was rubbish!!! People should have realised the effect such a massive band would have and not try and cram into the golden circle! Was actually really funny to watch grown men taking one look at the rave n scarper over the barrier to safety! Its not always about getting right to the front and bragging about it, its about having fun and raving up to some immense sound!Amazing finish with Hold Your Colour. Hope to hear them again next year (further up the bill)

Def the best gig in 15 years. Welcome to the new world sound. it took me 20 mins to fight my way through the tent cross two barriers till i took on the pit.. what a buzz.. nothing has shattered every one of my senses since the prodigy.. the future lies here.. truly outstanding..

i have never experienced a gig quite like this! it was immense the crowd were incredible, everyone was high on the music. The tent was a packed went i got there, but a soon as the music started i used the pits to my advantage and somehow got to the front!! Just CRAZY!! and it was way better in the NME stage, it would not have been as great on the main stage, but still good!

In reply to Fran, Pendulum were offered to play on the main stage but declined it because they felt the sound on the main stage was crap. Playing in the tent would make also mean they could play later.Lets hope that Pendulum do play the main stage next year and that the sound is a lot better!

Amazing best act i seen at Leeds, music to dance ya t+ts off 2, everyone was buzzing after there show, favorite track was there Prodigy cover Voodoo People but that was hard choice as all there tunes were better live than on disc....Headliners for 2009

What an amazing set. The tent was rammed and the whole crowd was awesome. Non-stop madness and the sweatiest I've ever been! Climax of the day for me - and I'm sure I'm not the only one

the best band at leeds festival by a was the second time i have seen pendulum, and i will certainly be seeing them many more times! just euphoric...

Ahhh Pendulum were definitely one of, if not the very best acts of the whole weekend! I disagree with people saying they should've been on the main stage though.. I prefer the NME tent to main stage - everything sounds better in there and the atmosphere is so intense because of all the lighting and the fact that everyone is so packed together! half an hour of being pushed around by thousands of other sweaty people is actually a lot of fun hahaha :)

Pendulum played a superb set, from what i could see craning my neck standing on tip toes just to get a look at a screen outside the NME tent- it was RAMMED beyond belief!I second 'Fran' in saying Pendulum should've definitely been on main stage, it was packed all around the NME tent, people couldn't even get past in less than 20mins to reach the toilets or shops!

Never sweated so much in my life and lost my shoe crowd surfing, both of which just made the whole thing even more amazing! Truly awesome set!!

Mischa Allen
i was on the front row and it felt like i was being stabbed it was so hard to breath. It was completely mass chaos, and I could see the security guards looking at each other as they knew how out of hand it was. Plus they ended up getting this hose out on the first couple of rows cos we were constantly begging for water so I ended up walking out drenched through. But i stayed still the end and it was worth every second!!! was immense

Im so glad that they didnt go on the main stage, it was so much better inside the tent, it just added to the atmosphere. there were even circle pits going on before they came on stage. best gig of my life without a doubt... even though i thought i was going to be killed at the front haha

Pendulum were sheer class. Got to the front with two mates and didnt stop jumping, moshin and going crazy for the whole set. Came out absoutely dripping with sweat but well worth the Reading weekend fee alone. Look forward to next year on main stage or Headlining same tent. In one word awesome, recommend to everyone!!!

Dan - Leicester
I absolutely love this band and was really looking forward to seeing them...they didn't disappoint. Just wish they'd played on the main stage cuz it was far too packed in. I had to leave the tent right by the beginning cuz my friend fainted. The pushing down by the front at the beginning was quite dangerous as well. Hope they play next year anyway.

Sian Morgan
Simply AMAZING. Even right at the back the atmosphere was encredible! If anything I was surprised that they weren't headlining.

Jack Miller
JUST AMAZING!!!One of the best acts i saw at Reading! The Crowd were just amazing - the tent was so packed - I only just managed to get inside after some serious pushing!

not trying to sound like a moaning old fart but reading should have moved pendulum to the main stage they had space after avenged sevenfold cancelled. There were too many people in that tent it was dangerous and ruined the whole thing for me and my friends. We were already gutted about slipknot and A7x then pendulum was ruined by this error..thought what i managed to hear was good though!

Alan - Watford
From another planet. It was absolute chaos.Is that tent still standing

Paul King
Fantastic coverage by the Beeb, well done guys. Pendulum kick a*se

Just got back from Reading and Pendulum lived up to expectations, producing a mindblowing set in the NME/Radio 1 tent. Definitely the busiest I've seen that stage and it was rather cosey in the audience. Would recommend going to see Pendulum to everyone that gets the chance and I hope to see them again at next years Reading festival.

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