Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Electro-hippies with a penchant for wigging out, MGMT have established themselves as the new band to see this summer. With Electric Feel, Time to Pretend and Kids staples of this summer's soundtrack, if you don't know their name yet you'll certainly know their songs.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Electric Feel
  2. Weekend Wars
  3. Pieces of What
  4. Time To Pretend
  5. The Handshake
  6. Kids


Guardian Review

They prove that, on occasions, theatrical guitar solos can be as fun for the crowd as the guy gurning his way through it onstage. Read full review at The Guardian

User Reviews

David MGMT The Skelling Bone Man
Best set of the weekend by far. Sun coming down and covering the crowd in the tent, mass singalongs and jumping around to the some of THE tunes of 2008 all performed by a band who appear as off their nut as most people in the crowd!Could it have been any more perfect?

Was looking forward to seeing mgmt, was squashed by the sheer madness of amount of people, but was awesome.

Fans were so keen to be as close to the front as possible before MGMT came on, that it was almost like being in a mosh pit whilst metallica were playing!

sublime - the best album i've heard this year. And i'm a metal-head!

rembers me of zep/love and musical bands that pure energy into there performance am 47 love hearing the old TODAY.

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