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It's half a decade since Metallica played Reading & Leeds. With a reportedly harder new album, Death Magnetic, being showcased the band are back to reclaim their crowns as the kings of metal.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Creep
  2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  3. Ride The Lightning
  4. Harvester Of Sorrow
  5. Sanitarium
  6. Cyanide
  7. And Justice For All
  8. No Remorse
  9. The Day That Never Comes
  10. Master Of Puppets
  11. Motorbreath
  12. Nothing Else Matters
  13. Sad But True
  14. One
  15. Enter Sandman
  16. Last Caress
  17. So What
  18. Seek And Destroy


Radio 1 Newsbeat Review

It was fireworks and flames from one of the biggest metal bands in the world, as Metallica brought day one at Leeds Festival - "Rock Day" - to a close.
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User Reviews

first time i've seen Metallica. incredible. amazing show. and i got hetfield's pik at the end :D i forgot to breathe several times and forgot all the words to all the songs, i just couldn't get over the fact that they were 'right there in front of me'. highlight of my weekend. best leeds fest headliners EVER.

Andy M
After watching Rage on Friday I thought Metallica were going to struggle to do a better performace. However they successfully managed it and was an amazing performance to end Reading 2008 on. Can't wait to get tickets for there UK area tour now.OH YEAH!!!

Just watching on iPlayer, wow I want to learn guitar! Exceptional, they wrote these songs decades ago!

Not a metallica fan at all but decided to go see them co they were closing the Reading fest and was simply blown away, the noise was immense even tho i was mid crowd and the performance was untouchable, thank you metallica

Gary Jenkins
MetallicA really can do no wrong.Me and me wife saw them at Leeds on Friday and then Reading on Sunday.Only difference was they played Fuel after Creeping Death at Leeds, and at Reading For whom the bell tolls.We both felt that Reading was a better show,for the simple reason the Reading crowd seemed to be a 'tallica crowd.Cyanide was awesome as was The day that never comes.Roll on Death Magnetic and the fan club show.Outstanding performances by true professionals who keep on going no matter what. \nn/

Ray and the Watford & Reading crew
I think I speak for all 8 the the group that went with me when I say Metallica at Reading were a class act, head an shoulders above everyone else who played all weekend. They were a master class in stage presence, musicality, sound mixing, sound quality and pure showmanship!Few of us had seen them live before and some were not that fond of them prior to their closing set. I think it safe to say we were all in Awe of their truly world-class performance.Amazing!

Alex The Pirate
Incredible, having seen them quite a few times before i knew what to expect... the pyrotechnics in "One" etc. but nothing can prepare you for the moment when the beat kicks in in Enter Sandman

2nd time i've seen em! They just commanded the entire crowd... Every one from indies kids to people who looked like your mates dad!!! everyone was stood in aw of the biggest metal band in the world spanking em! 3 words A - MAY - ZIN!!!

The only thing better than metallica at leeds, was the handsome man I shared it with. who am I kidding!!! F**k all was better than METALLICA!!!!!

the perfect metal band to end Reading 2008 wot a show.

before seeing them at reading sunday me n my mate werent massive fans to be honest and didnt no that much of em, but after their performance i was blown away! immense performance from start to finish maed the whole weekend!

Sophie Arnold
Metallica were amazing at Reading, I cried when they came on and can now safely say I can die happy knowing I saw them play an amazing set!! Can't wait for their new album out on the 16th total legendary performance!!

James F
When the pyrotechnics came in near the beginning of Enter Sandman I jumped a little, and then I was like "Awesome!"

Chris Davies
Best performance ive seen in a long time, tremendous stuff and a pleasure to be there

First time I have seen Mettalica live.."AWESOME".. absolutely amazing..Best Reading Rock Festival ever this year..

.....WoW the sets get better each year... I agree it isn't MoP... but 2008 sure is.....bigger, louder and hotter than ever! I first saw the guys live at Donnington 1985 and they rocked! Twenty three years on and they still rock! Awesome guys keep on doin what you do best....

absolutely brilliant.i was at Wembley last year and the Reading show this year was in my opinion sounding much better. the new songs were sounding fantastic live. Bring on 12th September and Death Magnetic \m/

Ryan Smith
WOW!!!! To say I was blown away is the understatement of the century, I was mesmerized and awe struck. These guys kicked the festival into top gear, and to top it all they did Enter Sandman & Master of Puppets. Amazing!!!!!

Awesome show - solid new songs, rock hard performances of old songs - kudos to the Beeb for streaming these 40mins.And the volume control going up to 11 :-D Genius! lol

Luke M
I've seen Metallica several times, but this was without doubt the best set ive seen them play. They won over a massively mixed crowd with many going to simply see Metallica.Amazing....(and they played So What!)

Metallica were simply amazing i have to say, i've never seen them live but was on the front row for this concert, despite being crushed by 40000 fans who have a simply awesome taste in music if they turned up for metallica, it was a once in a life time experience and i'll never forget it =D about 35 mins into this vid u can see me headbanging along hapily haha!metallica you are metal gods, till next time!

Ian Gilsenan
Metallica are always under estimated (usually by most of the music critics and presenters). They have sold over 100 million albums and played to more people live than any other band. All this without hardly any mainstream radio play. People's opinion of them varies, some say they lost it after the And Justice For All album, but what you cannot argue with is that they are by far one of the best bands live on the planet, and the awards, record sales, and statistics speak for themselves.Purely awesome and should be remembered as one of the greatest bands ever.

Was right in the middle, right on the front barrier and it was the best thing i have ever witnessed in my life, head and shoulders above any other band at leeds. James owned the crowd and kirk tore it up without missing a single note, he made it look easy! Metallica are back to their best without a doubt! Bring on death magnetic!!

I wish Iwas there!!! the last time I saw metallica live was about 8 years ago in my home town in Brazil, and they kept the same quality in this show..They are absolutely amazing..getting better every year!!!!I will be you fan for ever!!

Glynn W
Again the godfarthers of rock display why they sit at the main table of rock. New bands and bands breaking through take note. Even at there age the hunger is still alive and burning.

Jason Freeman
It's Metallica of course it was going to be fireworks,flames and huge. Hoping a DVD of Metallica @ Reading comes out ASAP.

andy redman
metallica blew leeds to bits , after a short set by avenged 7 fold, no set by slipknot and the MUD, their set more than made up for it ,this was heavy metal in its purest form, superb sound, lighting ,stage set up ,flames ,pyro new songs ,need i go on.... one remark i heard was that the dance tent nearby was too loud, dont worry said another, once tallica come on you wont hear ANYTHING else !

tony cookson
bullet are the young pretenders to the metal crown but metallica are not ready to give it up yetbest clsing to any festival this year

Mark W
Just an unbelievably, awesome band who get better each time they play. Their playlist can be completely different from one gig to another because of the sheer quality of their songs. How can you be disppointed that they didn't play Fade to Back when they play No Remorse instead. A superb always.

josh levy
The moment james walked onto the stage, the crowd went wild, there was an energy that couldn't really be explained, but everyone knew that it was there. Fantastic band, fantastic music, fantastic performance.

Best Live Band Ever! Saw them live in 1995 (Donington) and they were awesome then - skint so had to settle for TV this time though!

david martin
been dead since 1988 metallica absolute garbage now and the bass player cant stand up

steve mc
the best thing to cum out of the festival watched it all on bbc three thought metallica were the best they didnt let anybody down saw all the crowd rockin keep it up lads been listining since master of puppets love it all keep rockin metal heads

Matthew Fitch
Metallica are arguably the best metal band on earth. This comment has been used to describe metallica for years, but since the mid-90's they have lost their "vibe". However, having played two songs from their new album "Death Magnetic" (due release 12/09/08) at leeds festival, they are sounding better than ever. The new material sounds much more progressive, and really sticks to the old Metallica sound!

Rebecca Calne
Mettalica were amazing it was the best experience of my life I'll definetly be going to see them again. And as for the leeds festival it was brilliant I cant wait until next years festival!

They say you should never see/meet your idols...they were wrong. Metallica blew everyone away with an awesome immense show - just a most phenomenal performance. Come back to Leeds next year! Rock on

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