Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch The Maybes on the BBC Introducing stage

Performing Talk About You at Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Graffiti loving Liverpool five-piece are set to release debut album Promise on Xtra Mile records in September 2008.

User Reviews

Susie Walker
saw the maybes at Latitude ,the promise was the highlight there of an amazing set,haven't stopped talking bout it since.Reading confirmed what a great band they are.....

The Maybes? last spine-tingling tune "promise" was, without a doubt, the absolute highlight of Reading 2008. I never realised that music could make me feel so good. Thanks BBC for introducing this band to me - you filmed promise, so please, please add it to the video selection for the rest of humanity to enjoy!

oneof the best bands that i saw at reading

sam kilby
i loved these guys. never heard of em b4!

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