Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



The perennial festival band come to Reading and Leeds sporting an NME Godlike Genius award. Frock wearing bassist, Nicky Wire, was recently quoted on 6 Music News as saying the new material would be like a "heavy rock version of the Holy Bible". Amen.

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Rob Dilley
Met the band after a gig at Brixton Academy a few years ago, so had to be there on Saturday at Reading. They were fantastic and the highlight of my weekend. I also wish they has played You stole the sun from my heart, but everything else was great.

A perfect show, a real crwod pleasing yet. i been a fan my whole life, and the manics didnt disappoint!

The true Godlike Geniuses of Rock 'n Roll- we salute you! The most intentse crush at the front for ages and I loved it! Got a hug from Nicky after as well and it made my year- bring on the heaviest album ever in the stuio boys and I will love you forever xxx

The main band I actually came to see, and I didn't regret it! Without effort it seems they beat today's wannabes hands down! Good mix of old and new and great finish with Design for Life.

Ben Stephens
Great performance, and so happy to hear 'of walking abortion' And a great claim to fame that Sean drumstick hit me on the head at the end, ending up with having first aid backstage.

Wow... I saw them last year, they were great... But this is an amazing performance. Wish I could have been there.

such an amazing band, as im only 16 i've grown up listening to them and they were the highlight of my reading weekend, was just blown away

Watched the first bit of The Killers on the Sunday night (Leeds) out of interest to see what they were like, got bored quickly, and made a brilliant decision to go and watch the Manics to close off the festival - right choice! They were awesome!

Playing all the good stuff...Condemned to rock and roll is still the greatest track they did...I hope this new stuff of their's goes back to the awesome quality of Generation Terrorist, Holy Bible and Gold against the soul....

Henry Carse
I was at the front, my mate got on the telly! They were by far the best band of the festival! I only wish they played you stole the sun from my heart, but they did EVERYTHING else. Best. Show. Ever!

ahhh the first bars of motorcycle emptiness covered me in goosebumps.bloody amazing they were!

"triumphant"... thats one way to put it :) ..hard to believe a band thats been going for more then 20 years still sounds this good live...Just ace...

Simon Rumsey
Blinding!! I went on the Saturday to see the manics, and i actually managed to see them. I shouted out Autumnsong when it all went quiet and the next track was Autumnsong, fantasticcc !!!!!!

Laura McCulloch
One word - AMAZING! James said that we made his summer, well they made my year!

Well fromt the comfort of my own living room you guys were immense, God knows what it was like to actually be there.

Manics I love you

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