Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Alex Turner and Miles Kane catch up with Zane and Edith before their Reading festival performance

Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


While Scott Walker is currently punching raw meat on recordings, LSP have raided his 1960s orchestral sound to create The Age of Understatement. Comprised of cheeky monkeys Alex Turner and Miles Kane, sly wit and grand strings will ring out; but will we see a repeat of Jack White's cameo at Glastonbury?



The smart suits, the velvet backdrop, the full orchestra, this was a classy offering from the Puppets. Read full review at the Guardian

User Reviews

Chris. N
Absolutely Awsome!!!Had a great view and loved it, even though I too had never heard of them, hope their album lives up to the live version :D.

not really a fan but was out voted so went to watch them not really expecting much, but was blow away! absolutly fantastic!

Julie M.
Miles is so elated at the end...isn`t he?For those of you lucky enough to get tickets for the UK tour this sure does wet your appitite,for those of us who didn`t,this is what we are missing!I love these lads,i just hope they do it again some day!

Bobby Hill
Great performance!! It was just just like the record absolutely brilliant from the puppets

A fantastic set which really showcased their album well. The subelty of some tracks was a little lost in such a packed big tent.

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