Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



The Killers interview with Edith and Zane

Brandon and Ronnie join Edith and Zane ahead of their headlining set


Epitomising the showy thrills of Las Vegas, The Killers bring their indie anthems to the baying Berkshire and Yorkshire crowds. Their energetic new material was slotted between chant heavy choruses as they headlined the main stage.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Intro
  2. Reasons Unknown
  3. Somebody Told Me
  4. Shadowplay
  5. Sweet Talk
  6. Bones
  7. Smile(Old Skool)
  8. Tranquilize
  9. When You Were Young
  10. Under The Gun
  11. Sam's Town
  12. Read My Mind
  13. Spaceman
  14. Mr Brightside
  15. Jenny
  16. River
  17. All These Things


BBC Newsbeat Review

Las Vegas band play new song and cover Joy Division as they close the Saturday night at Reading Festival. Read full review

Liv AKA Mrs Brightside
OMG!!! The Killers were absolutley incredible!!! :D I've seen them twice before and they took my breath away, but the magnitude of this performance was utterly mind blowing!! It was so emotional I just wanted to explode!!! Standing at the main stage all day to secure my place on the front bar was definiately worth every elbow in the back and shove. Not that it was particularily painful watching the likes of Bloc party and We Are Scientist...the list goes on. I can also relate to Alice knowing the words to all the b'sides certainly made me feel like a true fan lol! Plus watching Brandon Flowers prance around in a turquoise suit was magic! I could go on, but I know I've said enough. x

The Killers are the best headliners in the world today and I don't think there is another band to touch them for charisma. They are the only band that I listen to all the time.

Went to Reading, The Killers rocked, they made my wkend. Saw them in 05, but to see them headline was amazing. Note: sort the sound out for 09!!

Shadowplay was amazin. Its so good to see someone reppin Joy Division these days! Curtis cant be replaced. But the set as leeds was as close and as good as it gets!

Even though I could not feel my legs and arms....and my eyes at first didn't recognise Brandon at first but standing for 12 hrs straight shows my dedication lol. You guys defo put a smile on my face :)

jenny (leeds)
awesome - come back to the uk soon you guys!! & cheers to the couple who let my kids park their backsides on their purple inflatable sofa x

Cameron (14 from mold)
Me and my mate Lewis crowd surfed twicein the Killers! they were immense the best live band ive ever seen and this is my fith festival.

did you see the guy's with the banner saying 'I've got ham but I'm not a hamster' during ATTTID? That was amazing! They're only on for a short bit before it gets torn down! Heroes.

I heard the killers wernt great live but after seeing them at Reading, I was blown away (even after being suffocated at the front). Brandons voice held out to give the band an amazing performance. I just cant believe its over, 1 of the best nights of my life! AND their tash's are finally gone! YAY!

paul n
unbelievable!!!!! the Killers live, best night of my life, there should be festivals headlined by the Killers every single night!!

Vikram Sidhu
After watching their set in Glasto last year, i went to reading not expecting much. How very wrong i was, definitely a great way to end the saturday!

Danced with a guy called Chris to these beauties. He was lovely :)Bloc Party and Killers were amazing with Lindsay and Barry!Oh and I just remembered the fun of nobody around me knowing Under the Gun and my absolutely awful singing along with it, they didn't seem impressedxxx

Saw them close Leeds and all I can say is WOW! Their set was truly stunning.

An absolutely outstanding, arm raising, heart pumping, head banging performance by the Killers. It made my saturday night :)

I was there at Reading and the performance was simply amazing. The crowd was brilliant and very relaxed and into the music. Sams Town in particular was stunning. Pity there wasnt the Romeo and Juliette cover as it would have been better recieved then Shadowplay I guess. But they truely stamped their name on the festival.

Jo, Reading
absolutely amazing, i would say their set made my weekend definately, i'll be back next year if they are! i'm somewhere around the silver guy dressed as the tin man at one point aha, brilliant stuff

Isaak, 14 (went to leeds!!)
These were Brilliant!!! i was at the front but lasted only 2 songs before i got dragged out. The lights were awesome and they played all there good songs and there new one was really good. GENIUS!

Absolutley mindblowing, the weather, the atmosphere, the set list, the effects and the crowd! (Leeds!) What a way to finish a great weekend...

Lydia hopkinson from Leeds
The killers were AWESOME in Leeds!! Best concert iv'e been to in years, and i'm still reliving it today!

adam watson
What an amazing performance , absolutely incredible

mark bowen
quite simply brilliant

Daddy's Eyes
Unquestionably the "Best Band in the World".....

WOW So good!!!!

Truly amazing- wish I had been there!Anyone know when they are touring uk again?

matthew ellis
Gushing gushing gushing!! best band in the world right now !!!

sue brady
your coverage of the killers on bbc 3 was crap. you did not show the whole performance just the same songs they played on glasto last year. They played songs from sawdust and their new track spaceman but this was not shown. very disapointing, considering they are one of the best bands around live at the moment

eddie taylor
killers live set was brilliant as usuall flowers managed to deliver as we have come to expect just wish that they would have shown the whole thing live rather that tidbits

the killers were thoroughly immense. at the top of the game, so what were the bbc playing at showing 6 furious, what do i pay a tv licence for???? couldnt they have put the whole set on the red button?????

Guys, great set, love your music. But leave the Joy Division alone. Ian did it so much better & you murdered Shadowplay.

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