Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Electro beats and plenty of D.A.N.C.E from the French duo

Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Parisian electronica at its most playful. Forceful beats and catchy samples make Justice the perfect fuel for festival fervour.

User Reviews

Really great set theirs and simian mobile discos were the best! Only draw back i thought was Justice heavily relied on "We Are Your friends" which is great but some of their other random tracks that are not on the album are sooo much better!

This was my biggest surprise of the whole weekend. Went to watch a 'band' called Justice as didn't want to watch the rubbish on main stage at the time and turned out to be our (mine and 2 mates) favourite part of the festival.......we're in our 30's and loved every minute of it, it was outstanding.Would love to see them again!

I was there!!Still pinching myself that I got to see one of my favourite artists do an amazing set that I will NEVER forget. Inspiring is not the word for this...

what a set! you only have to look at the opening to realise that! everyone came out singing 'we are your friends' there anyway i can get this onto my itunes anyone?

Yeah was AMAZING by far best band of the whole festival!! loved it. And please release the remix

this set was by far the best of the weekend for me!! awesome!!!!

best performance ever, had so much fun, even after they had finnished people where still singing 'we are your friend' all the way to main stage. no other group could do that!! i love justice, cant wait to see them again!

Absoloutly amazing. my mates told me to come with them and see justice and i'm soooooooooo glad i did! group of the festival. along with killers and babyshambles :) X

i was front center , left of the guy with the green glowstick, i have completely bruised ribs from the railing.but every second was worth it, i would do it again a million times, it was INSANE

Bo Shank
I'd only heard one or two justice tracks before leeds/reading but now I know them all. Absolutely brilliant, the best part of an amazing weekend

OMG saw them at Leeds...they were incredible!! Best atmosphere EVER!

Had never heard Justice before at Reading this year, after being recommended by my friend, I am SO glad I made the effort, they were AMAZINGBlew me away, didn't have a clue what to expect and they packed the tent out too!Nice one!

Waited for 2 years to see them. Worth every moment. They played 'We are your friends' at one of the rave stations later that night, everyone knew every word.

Rammed up against the side of the mixing desk with my view obscured by the rest of the crowd wasn't the best way to start a set. But after a bit of shuffling, and countless blows to the head from a frantic audience it all paled into insignificance in the presence of a truly awesome set.In short Justice rocked it. They played the crowd like an instrument and everyone wanted more.a.

The sickest set ever, the crowd was so live . best gig ive ever been to in my life.gave me chills !

Chackaz Jackson
This made my weekend. They managed to get the whole crowd together dancing and singing as one, absoloutely loved it.

Owen Parsons
This was the best part of the weekend, they were amazing!!

George Underwood
My friend said they would be good but this set changed my lifeAMAZING

luka Taraskevics
best band of the weekend. amazing.

how to open a set, awesome! thanks for uploading.

That is the sickest remix ever! Release it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Best set ever from the best group ever!

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