Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



This London based dream-pop trio soundtracked the latest Skins advert and prefer to rehearse in the dark.

User Reviews

I well enjoyed these...i thought they were just gonna be some crap band before the special guests...i was pleasantly surprised and will be following them from now on =]

I'd never heard of them before, thought they were amazing at Reading, really raucous, be checking them out again

A band I've been following for a while - blistering set at Reading that you just wish was twice as long. Power and passion channeled in noise. Look out for them supporting White Lies in September.

Jon Goulding
The Formidable Joy was a classic Reading moment for me - I was wandering past the BBC Introducing tent and saw that they were due on, so decided to stay a while and ended up hearing one of the best sets of the festival. With My Bloody Valentine-esque wall-of-sound guitars complemented by haunting vocals they produce a majestic noise. The Formidable Joy are that rarest of things - a band with the power to change your life.

caught them at Leeds. Huge, great tidal sound. Looking forward to catching them on the tour.

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