Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



It has been a topsy-turvy 2008 for indie popsters Joe Lean; high praise and rave reviews then they pulled the LP a week before release. Steve Lamacq is a fan and many more will be hoping they bounce back with avengence at Reading and Leeds.

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Ben Duke
went to see em at the signing tent in leeds and they seemed really nice people

An absolute breath of fresh air! Great music, a lively performance and one of those wonderful festival moments when you feel you have found a hidden gem. They really gave all in their set and produced some of the most unique movements of the weekend! I really enjoyed them and hope they eventually get the recognition they truley deserve because they were amazing.

they were actually REALLY REALLY good. none of my mates wanted to go so i jsut went by myself and stood watching from the back. and really really enjoyed 'em!!!

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