Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch Paris, performed live for BBC Three

Performing at Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


Fans of the cowbell take note, St. Albans' Friendly Fires will be giving a demonstration of some of its finest uses as they showcase material from their forthcoming debut on the Festival Republic stage.

User Reviews

awesome band! awesome performance! just awesome.

Callum C
I ended up going to see who i thought would be Friendly Fires two hours early by accident, ironically on my way out of the tent i could hear them play, looked up and could just about make them out playing this in the treehut! Loved it!

Jimmy G
Love it. Paris is such a great track. And from what I've heard of some of the other tracks on the album (which I really hope is out soon), they've got the potential to be big.

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