Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch a clip of their triumphant return to the NME/Radio 1 set

Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


These post-punk afrobeat scenesters have been converting droves of festival goers this summer. After headlining the washed out Field Day, Yannis and fellow Foals went ballistic on the Radio 1/NME Stage.

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Katie Robertson
I recently attended Leeds Festival, which was amazing! I mean this years line up was too good to be true.Not only that but there was so much that went on. Pete Doherty threw his beloved cross necklace off the NME stage ,Mystery Jets demanded to see the Leeds Festival Organizer for more time to play and finally Foals singer went mental wrecking the stage to pieces after his mic stopped working whilst on stage.However this did not stop the band from pulling off a remarkable performance. Overall its got to be said, Foals are a bloody good band.

Set List Reading:1. French Open2. Olympic Airways3. Balloons4. Cassius5. Two Steps, Twice6. Hummer7. Red Sock Pugie

Quality gig, first time seeing foals live and it was amazing. Can also see myself about 3 times in the video which makes a nice souvenir :)

John A
I'm a classical music enthusiast but had to comment on this set. Loved it, fabulous African rhythms, repetitions and discordance.

My definite favourite for the weekend, as electric as when I first saw them and I'm sure it'll be the same when I see them again in September, NME are right in saying this was the most chaotic set of the weekend. EPIC! haha

So gutted that I didn't see them. I hate it when good bands clash with eachother! Reading was awsome!!!!!!

John from snish.
They were awesome, spot on. The crowd went nuts for cassius and balloons. Well done chaps. John

Ben Howe
This was the third time i have seen Foals since they were a little knwn band playing tiny venues, and they just get better and better. They've grown incredibally in confidence and stature. Mainstage of Reading 2009, see them there??

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