Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



FF'ers have been playing their rambunctious rock music since January this year to a local Leeds following. They get to up-size having been selected by BBC Leeds to play Reading and Leeds.

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Even though I think most of the crowd were hoping for the Foo Fighters thanks to some dodgy rumours. the band put on a great show and should be kept an eye on.

Stu G
I thought it was a real shame for The FF'ers at Reading. Many thought that the Foo Fighters were going to be doing a secret performance and turned up. However, when The FF'ers took to the stage instead, they were just bottled. The next band were in the same boat. I think it was disgraceful that this would happen.

I lol'd when everyone thought they were the Foo Fighters

After hoax rumours they were actually the foo fighters (started by the band themselves mainly!) they packed the BBC I stage out. The number of people there really was immense. Some were not best pleased when it wasn't the foo fighters but they were crazy fools in the first place.

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