Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Despite hailing from Wales, the Feeder sound is very much a Stateside frat party soundtrack. Their new LP shows they have got back on the riff wagon after toying with a softer sound. That's just in time for the mosh-happy festival crowds to take advantage.

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Feeder were superb at Leeds. So many anthems and their new album is a good listen too. Roll on the tour...

Best British rock band! That Nirvana cover was just amazing, my favourite Nirvana song covered by my favourite band, Brilliant.

Steven Hayward
Waited years for Buck Rogers and Just A Day , brought me back to my youth so much , and it helps I'm in the highlights at 8:48 jumping like a pleb :]

Daz Moore
Excellent as usual, can't wait for the tour.

Kane Dansie
They did play stuff off their new was alteast the two singles they've released recently...

Abi H
Best band this weekend by far, I think their new songs are fantastic...actually played Miss You and We are the people from their new album. We are the people has the potential to be one of their great anthems like Buck Rogers and Just a day. Feeder never fail to impress, and keeps the crowds going all through their set, pulling out great old and new music.They are headliner material... everyone knows a Feeder song even if they arent a real fan, and it would be great to see them headline for once with a full set instead of only getting half an hour of brilliant music...

Love the nirvana cover! made my reading!

Ah second time i seen these guys and they keep getting better and better...just a day never fails to get the crowd goin and then the nirvana cover. Awesome

Doctor Rock
Superb performance, a good mix of classics and new stuff spoiled (only very slightly) by a guitar failure halfway through one song (which Feeder repeated so we got a bonus!) great to be near the front where it was really rocking.
Feeder are amazing - year after year they just keep releasing great pop / rock songs. They must be one of the most understated bands coming out of the UK in the last 10- years. Roll on guys.

Gary Gardner
Excellent. Shame they didn't play anything of their latest album though. Breed was a good ending cover song.

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