Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



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Highlights from Reading and Leeds festivals 2008


From grime underground to rock festivals, Dizzee is undoubtedly British hip-hop's biggest cross-over artist. Hard beats and raw lyrics make the East Londoner seem logical on the same bill as Rage Against The Machine.

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He was soo good, my favourite artist of reading by far. im in this video which makes it even better. not going to reading next year..but lets hope he plays at glasto

Dizzee at Leeds was immense.Best crowd, everyone was so happy, sun shining and everyone singing along!Chanting "dizzee dizzee" and "you what you what" - loved it :)made my weekend :) xxx

Adam Eversfield
You no at like 13 mins into it Diz throws his t in the crowd yea.... i caught it. Winner Dirtee Stanks the label!x

daniel Gates
he was mint at leeds crowd was massive and everyone loved time of my life

jazz jamieson
jesus he was unreal at reading he should have been on insted of the killers man next year him on the saturday night

he is just the best man. i am on this video :Dmade my year!!xx

nahh matte he was better at reading! I was there: 4th row back baby!!!!

Dizzee was awesome, got the crowd really going. If you look closely you can see someone nicking dizzee's hat at the end, lol. Tomorow that will be on Ebay.

At Leeds he was awesome!!! The chants of "SAY WHAT! SAY WHAT!" and Dance wiv Me are gonna be remembered in my mind for a long time!

At Reading he dived in2 the crowd at the end and I got his hat!! boom boom

He was amazing at Leeds, the atmosphere was fantastic and he rocked that main stage! Those chants of 'Dizzee' are still ringing in my ears!

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