Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



The most fashionable anti-fashion band in the UK, The Cribs bring their punchy rifts to the festival. Johnny Marr joined the group in 2008 paving their way to headliner status on the NME/ Radio 1 stage.


Guardian Review

The crowd was forced to enjoy the band on their terms - spiky, peremptory and rough and the gig was all the better for it Read full review at The Guardian

User Reviews

when the cribs came i went mad, when jonny marr came i went potty

overated! they have awful voices and there songs are just lad rock

Was waiting all weekend for these and they didn't dissapoint! what a way to end a brilliant 3 days. They deserve much more mainstream success than they've had

captain arnie
i agree with martin the cribs and johnny marr combined is like the best of past and present indie music

The best live indie bands at the minute I think and I was so glad to catch them perform at Reading!

mr k
At Leeds, the most memorable part of the weekend was wen the speaker system failed at the end and the crowd sung the whole of i'm a realist. Quality!!!

Matty Armitage
Cribs are awesome live anyway, but, with Johnny on side, sounded so full n heavy. Was awesome to hear & watch. SUPERBAND!!!!!!!

what happened to ryans foot after he jumped in the crowd? he done one more song hoping on one leg? anyone know? they were shoooooooooooooooooooooo good though!!! X

One day this band will be remembered as one of the coolest/ all time greats. Amazing show at leeds

amazing british indie band! what a performance and all the better they have johnny marr! a british legend.

zurabs brother
immense set, of the highlights of the weekend

laura kennelly
Cribs were awesome! Loved every minute. Unbelievable way to close the festival :)

caught metallica until master of puppets, crowd surfed out and ran off to see the cribs. what a night! both were incredible, but with far more room to jump around the cribs was a far more intense crowd, although i wouldnt necessarily say better than metallica.

Bobby Hill
This is my highlight from Reading '08 i was right at the front and it was absolutely amazing seeing them close up! I lost all the feeling in my back at one point they rocked that hard but it was all worth it for The Cribs!!!

johnny marr in the cribs ... i think i've died and gone to indie heaven

monumental brilliant live show best band from the uk in last 10 years

Cribs were ace as usual. They rock live not as good as just an intimate gig but still Cribs rock

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