Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



The shapeshifting musical vegan behind Bright Eyes makes a return to Reading and Leeds joined by his magical band. His mountains are high and valleys deep, so expect the unexpected.

User Reviews

god the crowd seems TINY compared to the HUGE pendulum one that was on before them. He seems pretty good, wish I'd heard of him before I went...

A brilliant set! Tried to get to the front in Pendulum (the set before) to see this!! I was only 1 row from the front and it totally captured me! It was by far my favorite show of the whole festival! After this set I am loving the album even more!!

I Heart Conor
I was dead centre on the barrier and it was one of the bet shows i've ever seen. I think thats what it must've been like to see (sorry about the overused comparason, but) Bob Dylan or someone. +the band were equally as incredibe.

i was very close to the front for this set. such a highlight of a great weekend! shame there is no coverage of alexisonfire, tiger army or cancer bats

My most awaited performer at reading and conor oberst lived up to everything i heard from people that had seen bright eyes adn said he is amazing! he was AWSOME, its a shame the croud was so small but to compete against tenacious D on main stage would always be hard, but to me best performance i saw that weekend!

Lianne Williams
i was watching conor and i was second from the front row and it was truely amazing :)

I was totaly blown away by him, the man is amazing.

conor oberst was absolutely phenomenal. i am not a bright eyes fan but this solo work is completely different, and last night he was on fire. great set.

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