Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



This Welsh metalcore outfit have been nominated for 4 Kerrang! Awards and can't keep off the front covers of the hard rock press. Their speedy sound has won plaudits from guitar geeks and headbangers alike.

User Reviews

they were amazing, the mosh pit was masssive.never had so much fun or been so tired after a gig, wow.And the setlist was amazing, only other song i could ask for is all these things i hate (revolve around me)Top performance!

Hanif "Jester" Jetha
the 4th time i had seen them and still blow my mind away! they should have been mainstage ( i would say taht as i love the). they are much tighter now then when i first saw them but they still have the same raw power!

Welsh gold - amazin' but; really ourstandin'. Hairs on the back of my neck are still standing to attention ;-)

Tom Frost
Loved seein myself in the middle of the circe pit b4 waking the demon! Fave performance of the weekend! BANGTIDY

Dammit I wanted to see eye of a storm again, well gutted it isn't on this vid. Bullet have gotta be one of the best performances I saw all weekend

WOW thats awesome the quality is amazing thank god i was able to see this!

what was up with Jay's bass?! lolawesome performance there.saw them at download this year and it just blew me away

the explosion for scream aim fire was so unexpected it was amazing, they were the best band all weekend for me, they were a bit too loud for the tent so some songs sounded weird

haha i'm loving the circle pit/conga goin on halfway through!!! Though I'm not a huge Bullet fan this was a really good live performance apart fomr the 1 off note at 9.40 haha!

Bullet really should have made the main stage! Brilliant performance. I especially enjoyed hearts burst into fire!

Jordan Williams
This was deffinately one of my highlights of the weekend. Absolutaly amazing!Couldn't of asked for a better show!

Laura x (:
Best band ever. I love bullet. they make my life livable! Love you Matt! x

that was.....sick!

Ben Riley
amazin one of the best concerts ive seentheyve defo goten better livecant wait to see emin november

Next Time Get them To headline Instead Of Killers Plz

Thsi Rocks =)

tony cookson
best performance so far awsome

bullet rocks. ;)

carl webber
absoloutly fu***n amazing true rock and metal outstanding!!!!!

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