Reading & Leeds 22-24 August 2008



Watch Biffy Clyro perform I Am A Mountain

Performing on the Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds festivals 2008

Up against Jay-Z at Glastonbury, Biffy proved they could live up to the big occasion. Their fans are avid ("Mon the Biffy!"), so expect a battle to get near the front of their wall of sound.

Set List (Reading)

  1. Saturday Superhouse
  2. Who's Got A Match?
  3. A Whole Child Ago
  4. 9/15s
  5. Mountains
  6. Get F**ked Stud
  7. Machines
  8. Now I'm Everyone
  9. Living Is A Problem
  10. 57

User Reviews

edward Francis
the played my ideal (short) set...

saw them at leeds ( which is way better than reading)it was awesome! i saw them at linkin park back in january but they wasn't as good as leeds, loved it!!

Ben Fyffe
My sixth time seeing Biffy, they were great as always, shame they didn't play some of their older stuff but still fantastic.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Reading didn't get "Mountains"! We at Leeds got it! Loved the "Puzzle" orientated set.

Nick - Ellesmere Port
absolutely amazing!!! i am only 11 years old, thought that the mosh pit at the front was incredible!! Really loved biffy clyro-highlight of my weekend!!! =) (=

Simon Goodman
Shame there was no vertigo of bliss but biffy live is always as good as sex! keep up the good work boys! as impressed as always! mon le biffy!

They were excellent at Leeds. I'd rank them up there with Rage and Metallica in the top 3 bands of the weekend.I'm disappointed at only one song from the first three album. It kinda sucks for the fans that have stuck around for years, but 57 was the best singalong of the weekend.

BIFFY TO HEADLINE NEXT YEAR...friday, saturday and sunday night preferably...yea they were decent.

I saw the acoustic set. It was amazing and myself and my friends started the F**k you chant during Killing in the name cover. Biffy were the greatest this weekend. Made it worth every penny.

I thought they were awesome....i wasnt a big fan before and now i just can't stop listening....I think they should have been on just before Rage though...Rage by far best band but biffy followed a close second!!!! Cant wait to see them again.

I started the Biffy set at Reading 10 rows from the front. Within two songs I was halfway back (near the sound/light tower). The crowd was mental, and I don't mean that lightheartedly. The band were (as ever) amazing. Truly great sound and tonnes of enthusiasm. Amazing.Looking forward to seeing them again in November.

Scotty Mac
They were tight musically, but playing a mostly Puzzle era set left me a bit disappointed. Saying that though 57 was the best song of the set! Anyone catch their secret set?

they were actually amazing!13:45.. thats me :):)

The set was great and the atmosphere in the crowd was fantastic! We were belting out the words as we sang along. 'Mountains' and 'Who's got a match?' were especially brilliant.

Love it, also love how everyone in the crowd sang with a Scottish twang throughout the whole set!

yeah know what u mean but the atmosphere down the front was mental, you couldn't help but move to all their songs

I can't believe I missed the Introducing Stage set!!!! They sound amazing as always, when was this recorded?!As for their main stage set- A* Class as always, best band in existence. Although I do agree with Abby that it would have been great to hear some of their older tracks. Some of us have been with Biffy from the start, not just their last album.

They were amazing. I was in the front row. The atmosphere was the best of any band I saw at Reading. Go Biffy!

really good live, 3rd time i've seen them, but heavily puzzle orientated set, i thought they may have at least slipped justboy and glitter and trauma in there? but i spose at a festival you got to play what most people will know and what will go down well

17 seconds into the video, the kid with the pink hat and too too on someones shoulders is me!! yaaaay, plus biffy rocked my socks that were amazing!!!

Exctuding RATM (taken as read that their set was phenomenal), Biffy Clyro were by far the best band of the weekend at Leeds. Playing just halfway through the day I was worried the gig would be pretty tame, but the crowd went mental for them, singing every word with passion and throwing themselves around. Playing songs almost entirely from their last album Puzzle and the new single "Mountains" may have dissapointed some, but it cannot be argued that they did not connect with the audience, and the furious finale "57" kept the old fans happy. Mon the Biffy!

Great set. I hadnt heard much of their stuff but they were better than The Enemy and Fratellis. Very good live and deserved to be on later in the night!

Steve Clark
AWESOME! One of the highlights of my weekend! Would have bought the ticket just to see Biffy!

they were good i just wished they played more older stuff

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