RadioDNS work stream

RadioDNS is an open technology that connects broadcast radio and the internet, allowing for innovative new enhanced and interactive services. It is intended to be used by hybrid radios (those with broadcast and internet connectivity). BBC R&D has been involved in developing the technology in the RadioDNS consortium and prototyping and piloting several services that RadioDNS enables.

RadioVIS allows us to deliver images and text corresponding to the radio broadcast our audiences are listening to. BBC Radio now has a pilot service for use on RadioVIS-enabled radio devices, and early user research is promising.

The RadioTAG specification is at an earlier stage, and we have concentrated our effort on working with Global Radio, Frontier Silicon and other RadioTAG developers on the draft specification. We have also built and tested a tagging service which enables listeners to securely pair their radio with an online account, and then “tag” or “bookmark” radio as they listen.

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