This White Paper reproduces a paper originally published at Picture Coding Symposium (PCS) 2012 and the paper authors are Glenn Van Wallendael, Jan De Cock and Rik Van de Walle (Ghent University, Belgium) and Marta Mrak (BBC R&D). The copyright is held by IEEE.

Scalable video coding performance largely depends on the underlying single layer coding efficiency. In this paper, the quality scalability capabilities are evaluated on a base of the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard under development. To enable the evaluation, a multi-loop codec has been designed using HEVC. Adaptive inter-layer prediction is realized by including the lower layer in the reference list of the enhancement layer. As a result, adaptive scalability on frame level and on prediction unit level is accomplished. Compared to single layer coding, 19.4% BjĂžntegaard Delta bitrate increase is measured over approximately a 30dB to 40dB PSNR range. When compared to simulcast, 20.6% bitrate reduction can be achieved. Under equivalent conditions, the presented technique achieves 43.8% bitrate reduction over Coarse Grain Scalability of the SVC - H.264/AVC-based standard.