The audience for television sport has high expectations in the analysis that forms part of that coverage. In a competitive broadcasting environment there is always a need to develop new features to engage the audience. This is particularly true of sports with relatively small audiences such as athletics that will only get large viewing figures during occasional big events such as the Olympics.

In this paper we describe the results of our recent work in the field of biomechanics. This field of science is a key part of the training regime of almost all athletes and sportsmen and women. By making use of the tools and techniques of this field we have developed systems for both the next generation of television analysis systems and for distribution via the web to put the tools in the hands of the audience. These tools aim to offer a new level of insight and explanation to the audience – including those viewers who may rarely watch the sports in question – and so increase their engagement with the coverage. The web tool illustrates some of the possibilities that new forms of digital media content offer the viewer for direct interaction with video.

This document was originally published in the proceedings of the NEM Summit, Istanbul, 16-18 October 2012.

The slides used in this presentation are included in the appendix.