In this paper we present our mass participation experiment, Musical Moods. This experiment placed 144 theme tunes online, taken from TV and radio programmes from the last 60 years of the British Broadcasting Corporations (BBC) output. Members of the public were then invited to audition then rate these according to a set of semantic differentials based on the affective categories of evaluation, potency and activity. Participants were also asked to rate their familiarity with the theme tune and how much they liked the theme tune. A final question asked participants to identify the genre of the TV programme with which they associated the tune.

The purpose of this is to aid in the affective classification of large-scale TV archives, such as those possessed by the BBC. We find correlations between evaluation and potency, potency and activity but none between activity and evaluation also no clear correlation between affect and genre.

This paper presents our key findings from an analysis of the results along with our plans for further analysis. The initial results from this experiment are based on an analyses of over 51,000 answers from over 13,000 participants.

This document was originally presented at The 12th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Miami, Florida (USA) October 24–28, 2011.